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My husband has been falsely and maliciously accused of

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Hello, my husband has been falsely and maliciously accused of raping his step sister 35 years ago. Despite everything she has accused him of being a complete lie, he was charged 2 weeks ago. His solicitor has advised him to ask people who knew him then to provide character references for him - 2 of these people served with him in the fire brigade but are coincidentally now both justices of the peace (having now retired from the fire brigade). One of them told my husband that he really wants to help but that he is not allowed to do so because he is a JP. My question is, is this correct and if so are there any ways around this? Character references from both these people would be a great help to my husband as they knew him and worked with him at the time that these allegations supposedly took place. I would be very grateful for your advice over this. As you can probably imagine we are going through a really awful time and just trying to gather as much 'evidence' to help prove my husband's innocence. I hope you will be able to help us with this query.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Ros Blake

Hello Ros my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

The fact this person is a JP does not stop them giving a reference.

As long as they are not conflicted in the case then there is no issue.

They are able to give a reference if they wish. It may just be a polite way of saying that they do not want to.

But there is no issue in a JP giving a reference, they do not even need to say they are a JP
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

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