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I am having issues with the letting agency I have used (with

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I am having issues with the letting agency I have used (with 2 other tenants) regarding obtaining a copy of the tenancy agreement we signed. I contacted the letting agency about this 2 weeks ago (via both email and telephone call) for this, and it was only when I threatened them with legal action and with withholding the rent it was explained to me that the letting agent is under police investigation and the property we reside in is also under criminal investigation. The reason for this is because the letting agency has no record of who we are or the property, this is the case for several other properties. My concerns are if the contract/ agreement we signed is authentic or valid (the letting agency cannot verify who the landlord is) and also if we are in fact paying rent to the correct landlord or bank account.
The letting agency has provided me with a criminal reference number and a contact name so I can discuss this with the police. Would it be possible to break this contract? I don't have a copy of this which concerns me greatly as this was promised to be sent to me but it never was. We are due to pay rent next week (on the 1st) and I am wary that we don't lose money that can't be recovered.
Thank you.

You will need to contact the police today to establish what this relates to.

At this stage ut us difficult to assist without the full facts. Once you have the information from the police please update me and I can see how I can assist you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello,I have contacted the police and they have advised that I call the Criminal Management Department tomorrow as they would be able to assist further. They have warned me that they may not be able to give me the details I want if I am not listed as a 'victim' especially as I was not the one to originally raise this with the police. I am very concerned by this all as I am stuck without much direction and feel that I am at the mercy of letting agent who is under investigation

Potentially you will be a victim if there is an issue with the property and irregularities with your tenancy. See what you can find out tomorrow.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello, I have spoken with the police but unfortunately they weren't able to release any information to me as I wasn't the person who filed the report and I'm not named as a victim on the files. I have been told that the Constable in charge of this will contact me in the near future but not much more can be revealed to me. They mainly questioned how I obtained the crime reference and how I played a part in this. I'm feeling quite frustrated as I don't have a clear picture of what is happening or what I should do.

Thanks for the update. All you can do is to see what information you can obtain from the agent.

Is your deposit registered with a tenancy deposit scheme?

When can you serve notice and move out?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The agent I initially dealt with has been suspended and I cannot get in touch with him which is annoying. I'm dealing with the letting agent but they don't have the best reputation and don't have any sense of urgency in replying to my messages or emails.The strange part was that a deposit was never requested from us, we were just asked to pay 2 months rent upfront. From what I can remember of the contract that wa discussed that there was a break clause at the 6 month mark (I can't verify this as a copy of the document was not sent to me), which would be Jan 2017.

Difficult to advise with lack of facts and documentation.

Do try the agent further.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good morning,I have attached the response I've received from the police and the letting agency. As you can see neither have supplied much information. Is there anything further that can be done? At this point I'm considering vacating the property and not paying the rent as I do not want to lose any money and I'm not getting any useful advice in a timely manner.

Only police response is attached.

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