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Thank you for your answer. It seems that the amount paid is

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Thank you for your answer. It seems that the amount paid is very high since the carer worked 30 hours/week and the average pay for care workers is £8/hour. I've asked if it includes an ex gratia payment but they won't say. I know at one time the carer only wanted to be paid cash-in-hand to avoid paying income tax. Would that be grounds for applying to the court?Regards,
David Braby

Dear *****

Obviously it depends on the period of time involved. It also depends on whether the carer came through an agency or not as they would take their cut.

Also the cost of care fees and carers are rapidly rising.

I would ask for details of the employment without asking for documents . That way the confidentiality of the carer does not come into it as they do not have to provide personal details.

However remember that it they paid a bit more than the going rate so be it. There is always a top , middle ,bottom rate.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear *****,
The carer came through me and my wife since she originally worked for us.All we want to know is whether the £11,135.73 includes an ex gratia payment. Also, is the fact that those in charge of my mother-in-law's money before she died, colluded in tax evasion, sufficient grounds to involve the courts? Trying to get a straight answer from the executors is very frustrating; they obfuscate almost to the point of lying,
David Braby