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On 22 July our party of 3 (including child) arrived at the

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On 22 July our party of 3 (including child) arrived at the gate for our Easyjet flight 5 minutes late (25 mins before departure). We and 11 others were turned away and told the flight was full. We were taken to the Customer Service desk where we were told we could purchase replacement flights for £80 each. There were 2 operatives on the desks and we queued for over an hour. Eventually we were told by the CS operative to go to the Skybreak desk to see if another airline had flights.... Skybreak showed us an Easyjet flight leaving within 3hrs that had 4 seats left. We ran back to customer service, jumping the now even longer queue (because the operative we'd previously spoken to had now taken an unscheduled break and not been replaced). It was confirmed we could get the seats but needed to get to the back of the queue again - impossible because it was now even longer, we'd already been told we had to re-book tickets within a 2hr time window and we didn't have enough time before the flight left. I went on my app and booked direct, a cost of £790. As we sped through departures I rang Europcar to change our booking, to be told if Easyjet transferred it there would be no charge but as I'd come through direct it was deemed a new booking - a cost of £290.
Since Easyjet offered us a service that was impossible to access, I complained. They have now offered me £589.10 in compensation, being the cost of our original flights plus a 'part refund' of the car hire.
Had I been able to access the 3 flights I booked via Customer Service desk as offered it would have cost me £240 in total. As it was it cost me over £1,100.
I do not feel their offer is fair and don't see why I should accept a 'part refund' for the car hire - either it was or was not transferrable via the Easyjet contract?
Can you advise please?

Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and I will be assisting you with your question today.

Is it possible for me to see a copy of the agreement please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Trying to upload documents via the attachment icon here but not accepting

OK no problem. Is it possible to copy and paste the relevant part/s?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

􏰈􏰝􏰏􏰒􏰑􏰞􏰙􏰕 􏰁􏰖􏰖􏰕􏰙􏰏􏰏


􏰴􏰑􏰑􏰛􏰎􏰐􏰗 􏰩􏰓􏰒􏰙


􏰜􏰜􏰇􏰣􏰡􏰝􏰔􏰙􏰓􏰍􏰧􏰇􏰥􏰕􏰓􏰟􏰨􏰓 􏰩􏰛􏰕􏰓
􏰪􏰫􏰬􏰇􏰭􏰠􏰣 􏰮􏰟􏰙􏰘􏰓􏰧􏰇􏰯􏰙􏰟􏰰􏰧􏰛􏰎

􏰣􏰝􏰘􏰘􏰤􏰎􏰙􏰕 􏰁􏰖􏰖􏰕􏰙􏰏􏰏




􏰊􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒 􏰌􏰑􏰝􏰒􏰙


􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃􏰄􏰅􏰆􏰇􏰈􏰉􏰅􏰊􏰋􏰌􏰃􏰁􏰆􏰋􏰉􏰅 􏰆􏰍􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰐􏰑􏰒􏰇􏰓􏰇􏰔􏰑􏰓􏰕􏰖􏰎􏰐􏰗􏰇􏰘􏰓􏰏􏰏

􏰊􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒 􏰌􏰙􏰵

􏰊􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒 􏰩􏰓􏰒􏰙

􏰴􏰍􏰙􏰰􏰖􏰘 􏰬

􏰴􏰍􏰙􏰰􏰖􏰘 􏰬

􏰪􏰡􏰰􏰰􏰡􏰰􏰓 􏰚 􏰥􏰕􏰙􏰡􏰘􏰙􏰛􏰟􏰇􏰀􏰡􏰒􏰓􏰑􏰇􏱀􏰥􏰳􏱁􏱂 􏰜 􏰥􏰧􏰎􏰙􏰟􏰇􏰴􏰓􏰓 􏰚

􏰊􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒􏰇􏰆􏰑􏰒􏰓􏰤􏰏 􏰋􏰐􏰒􏰙􏰕􏰐􏰓􏰒􏰎􏰑􏰐􏰓􏰤􏰇􏰓􏰐􏰖􏰇􏰻􏱃􏰇􏰩􏰑􏰞􏰙􏰏􏰒􏰎􏰰􏰇􏰵􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒􏰏􏰇􏰓􏰐􏰖􏰇􏰵􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒􏰇􏰕􏰙􏰤􏰓􏰒􏰙􏰖􏰇􏰘􏰕􏰑􏰖􏰝􏰰􏰒􏰏􏰇􏰓􏰕􏰙􏰇􏰏􏰝􏰔􏰟􏰙􏰰􏰒􏰇􏰒􏰑􏰇􏰷􏰁􏰆􏰇􏰓􏰒􏰇􏰼􏱂􏰇􏰝􏰐􏰖􏰙􏰕􏰇􏰒􏰍􏰙􏰇􏰷􏰁􏰆􏰇􏰐􏰝􏰞􏰔􏰙􏰕􏰇􏰯􏰴􏱄􏰱􏰲􏰭􏱅􏰼􏱆􏰶􏰲􏰜





􏰪􏰡􏰰􏰑􏰇􏰤􏰓􏰐􏰇􏰑􏰓􏰽􏰘􏰛􏰐 􏰤􏰓􏰐􏰇􏰢􏰛􏰛􏰗􏰙􏰟􏰰 􏰤􏰓􏰐􏰇􏰢􏰛􏰛􏰗􏰙􏰟􏰰

􏰀􏰕􏰎􏰰􏰙 􏰚􏰾􏰾􏰿􏰲􏰭􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳


􏰼􏰜􏰿􏰹􏰹􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳 􏰜􏰶􏰿􏰹􏰹􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳 􏰚􏰬􏰿􏰹􏰹􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳


􏰩􏰡􏰟􏰰􏰡􏰐􏰇􏰱􏰲 􏰠􏰛􏰟􏰧􏰛􏰟􏰇􏰠􏰨􏰘􏰛􏰟􏰇􏰥􏰙􏰐􏰤􏰛􏰐􏰘 􏰠􏰨􏰘􏰛􏰟
􏰠􏰮􏰜􏰇􏰲􏰳􏰴 􏰮􏰟􏰙􏰘􏰓􏰧􏰇􏰯􏰙􏰟􏰰􏰧􏰛􏰎


􏰚􏰲􏰸􏰹􏰼􏰸􏰜􏰹􏰚􏰶 􏰈􏰙􏰢􏰐􏰡􏰍􏰘􏰡􏰐􏰇􏰘􏰛 􏰠􏰛􏰟􏰧􏰛􏰟􏰇􏰈􏰡􏰘􏰏􏰙􏰽􏰗

􏰚􏰲􏰸􏰹􏰼􏰸􏰜􏰹􏰚􏰶 􏰠􏰛􏰟􏰧􏰛􏰟􏰇􏰈􏰡􏰘􏰏􏰙􏰽􏰗􏰇􏰘􏰛 􏰈􏰙􏰢􏰐􏰡􏰍􏰘􏰡􏰐

􏰁􏰷􏰻􏰱􏰲􏰹􏰶 􏰜􏰱􏰸􏰹􏰭􏰸􏰜􏰹􏰚􏰶 􏰁􏰷􏰻􏰱􏰲􏰹􏰚 􏰜􏰚􏰸􏰹􏰭􏰸􏰜􏰹􏰚􏰶


􏰀􏰓􏰗􏰙 􏰚􏰇􏰛􏰔􏰇􏰜

􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃􏰄􏰅􏰆􏰇􏰈􏰉􏰅􏰊􏰋􏰌􏰃􏰁􏰆􏰋􏰉􏰅 􏰆􏰍􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰐􏰑􏰒􏰇􏰓􏰇􏰔􏰑􏰓􏰕􏰖􏰎􏰐􏰗􏰇􏰘􏰓􏰏􏰏


􏰴􏰑􏰑􏰛􏰎􏰐􏰗 􏰩􏰓􏰒􏰙



􏰌􏰙􏰵􏰙􏰕􏰙􏰐􏰰􏰙 􏰚􏰹􏰬􏰼􏰾􏰚􏰹􏰼􏰚􏰱


􏰀􏰕􏰎􏰰􏰙 􏰜􏰲􏰹􏰿􏰜􏰭􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳


􏰶􏰱􏰹􏰿􏰲􏰼􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳 􏰜􏰲􏰹􏰿􏰜􏰭􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳 􏰲􏰭􏰚􏰿􏰜􏰚􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳 􏰲􏰭􏰚􏰿􏰜􏰚􏰇􏰇􏰈􏰪􏰳





􏰁􏰇􏰰􏰑􏰘􏰺􏰇􏰑􏰵􏰇􏰒􏰍􏰙􏰇􏰌􏰙􏰐􏰒􏰓􏰤􏰇􏰁􏰗􏰕􏰙􏰙􏰞􏰙􏰐􏰒􏰇􏰎􏰐􏱇􏰑􏰎􏰰􏰙􏰇􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰓􏱇􏰓􏰎􏰤􏰓􏰔􏰤􏰙􏰇􏰵􏰕􏰑􏰞􏰇􏰄􏰝􏰕􏰑􏰘􏰰􏰓􏰕􏰜􏰇􏰊􏰑􏰕􏰇􏰵􏰝􏰕􏰒􏰍􏰙􏰕􏰇􏰎􏰐􏰵􏰑􏰕􏰞􏰓􏰒􏰎􏰑􏰐􏰇􏰘􏰤􏰙􏰓􏰏􏰙 􏰕􏰙􏰵􏰙􏰕􏰇􏰒􏰑􏰇􏰒􏰍􏰎􏰏􏰇􏰖􏰑􏰰􏰝􏰞􏰙􏰐􏰒􏰜


􏰊􏰤􏰎􏰗􏰍􏰒􏰇􏰆􏰑􏰒􏰓􏰤􏰏 􏰉􏰒􏰍􏰙􏰕􏰇􏰆􏰑􏰒􏰓􏰤􏰏 􏰯􏰕􏰓􏰐􏰖􏰇􏰆􏰑􏰒􏰓􏰤

page2image7472 page2image7632

􏰀􏰓􏰗􏰙 􏰜􏰇􏰛􏰔􏰇􏰜

I will review the relevant information and laws and will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. There is no need to check on here as you will receive an email when I have responded. Also, please do not responded to this message as it will just push your question to the back of the queue and you may experience unnecessary delays. Thank you.

I have looked into your query in more detail but unfortunately it is not something I can assist with. I will therefore ‘opt out’ and a colleague better placed to deal with the nature of your query should hopefully pick this up soon. Please do not reply in the meantime as that will just assign the question back to me and you will experience a delay. Thank you

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

You need to write and set out your losses and request a refund within 14 days or say you will go to Court within 14 days. You should make sure you send this signed delivery and keep a copy.

If they do not refund you then you can issue proceedings in the County Court. You can either do this online at: or by completing form N1 and take it to your local County Court.

The Court will then issue a claim which a copy will be sent to the Defendant who will have a limited time to defend it, if not you can enter Judgment and enforce.

If the claim is for £10,000 or less it will be a small claim so you will not need legal representation. Over this value you would need representation for trial.

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

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