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I'm trying to get my late son's timeline details from

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Hello, I'm trying to get my late son's timeline details from Facebook as somebody has had the account "memorialized" without my knowledge. I've been in touch with Facebook Data Controller. They said I need to get a Court Order. so which form do I need to get to apply and could I do it on my own or would it be better if I had assistance from a solicitor and what would the approximate cost be.

If you did this on your own, the cost is only going to be a few hundred pounds.

Assuming that Facebook do not oppose the application (which they are unlikely to do)and they simply want the order to formalise it, a solicitor will probably do this for you for a fee of between 500 and £1500.

You will need to serve papers outside the UK jurisdiction (Dublin) and that in itself is quite specialised.

Although there is no legal reason why you cannot do this yourself, it is not really a do-it-yourself job because of the technicalities of the different jurisdiction. If it was in the UK, it would be straightforward but the cross-border element adds a degree of complication to the court application.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi there from David, I received an email from Facebook after sending death certificate and other proof earlier today. It basically says 'for privacy reasons we are not able to provide a copy of the deceased person's account'. Personally I don't think that's good enough. I think I will pursue it further to get the information I require even if I decide to use a solicitor which seems to the best option. Thanks from David.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi again from David, I will go away and do some reading online to familiarize myself with court order procedures and then proceed further, not forgetting to keep all correspondance. Have I got a good chance of succeeding. Thanks, David.