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I am visiting a solicitor tomorrow regarding a dispute,

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i am visiting a solicitor tomorrow regarding a dispute, financial, i am having with my ex partner.if i was to disclose something incriminating against my partner to my solicitor, is he obliged to act upon it ?, or must he keep the information confidential ?
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Customer: Well i probably havent a leg to stand on, but we undertook a commercial developement 3 years ago and its just been completed now, having been practically the sole worker on site, i had to leave 3 months ago, i couldnt handle it any more, absolutely no help off her other than her financing it and i working for 2 and a half years on it, for what now seems like nothing. dont know what to do.

1. A solicitor owes an obligation of client confidentiality to a client who puts the solicitor in the position of knowledge of their affairs. This means that if you disclose a matter of potentially criminal significance to the solicitor and ask the solicitor to keep quiet about it, or for the purposes of advice, the solicitor cannot disclose these facts to a third party. So, you are protected from disclosure of the facts or knowledge by the solicitor's obligation of client confidentiality.

2. The only exception to this rule is where you are involved in fraud and the information you conveyed to the solicitor is being used to perpetrate a fraud upon someone. In those circumstances, the solicitor cannot stand bye and allow the client to commit the fraud. However, this is the only exception to the rule of client confidentiality.

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