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On Monday this week (26.9.16) my husband was arrested for

Customer Question

Hello. On Monday this week (26.9.16) my husband was arrested for suspected assault. What happened was this. We have little to do with our neighbours, we very much keep to our own and only know them to be quite agressive so keep away. Our next door neighbours were throwing grapevine into our garden at approx 10am. The grapevine is ours. My husband went out and asked them what they were doing. They swore at him, saying it was our plant and they were giving us it back, very aggresive and carried on throwing. The grapevine was hitting our builders (who were working in our garden, and are obviously key witnesses). My husband asked them to stop - saying he would come over, cut the grape vine from their garden and dispose for them but they carried on. They carried on shouting and eventually my husband shouted 'stop it' and threw onto the ground, over the fence, a handful of leaves. They then accused him of assault, said they would have him arrested and ran into their home. At 6pm the police came to our home, and immediately arrested him on suspicion of assault. He spent 5 hours at the police station. On Monday the builders are going to give their witness statements, after which the police will clear his name and their records. For all intents and purposes, it seams they understand it was nothing to do with Simone, that he is the least likely person to do something to harm anyone, and that this was a 'bad' arrest. But my question is, is there anything we can do? Simone was wrongly accused due to false statements given to the police, he was incorrectly arrested. I could make anythig up, and get any one arrested, if I followed the tac that our neighbours used. I dont understand how this can be a good use of police time, or how this can in any way be fair ? The stress and strain it has put on our already very busy and hectic life has made the whole experience simply awful.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

What would you like to know about this please?