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I have a tenant in a one bedroom flat with a 6 month lease.

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I have a tenant in a one bedroom flat with a 6 month lease. she has introduced a third party for 10 weeks without notifying me .. what are my rights

This is bound to breach yhe terms of the AST if the AST has been drafted on standard terms.

You should inform the tenant she has breached the tenancy by 'subletting'.

The solution would be to mutually surrender the current tenancy, grant a new AST to both (assuming that you check the financial standing if the new tenant and doing the usual credit checks and references) and relodge the deposit with the deposit scheme.

Any questions or queries?

Happy to assist further.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i thought this would be the case; she had the other person join her for 10 weeks of a 6 month AST ..and i had thought a fair balance of billing a 50% surcharge for the second person as he was in the property 24/7 from the 19 june to the 29 august of this year. the tenant has refused to accept this fair 'deal' and states she has no case to answer.

There is a case to answer. The occupation is unauthorised and a breach of the AST. If the tenant refuses to remedy the position you could threaten forfeiture/possession proceedings.

Are you close to the 4 month anniversary when you can serve notice.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you very much for your sound advice...i shall be giving the tenant notice to leave the property on friday the 4 november!