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After separating from partner of 8years I moved out with our

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After separating from partner of 8years I moved out with our 3 children ( 2 biological) of the family home we acquired (after selling our other home we lived in for 6years) we renovated the Property and added value to it I helped source materials and furniture and designed interior decor. I moved out as he wasn't willing to and did not seek legal advice as it is in his name.But now 4 months later he is selling and I believe there to be at least £180.000 equity in the house which a sale is currently going through do I have financial interest or entitlement to any of the equity within the property? I am currently renting and my earnings are £10.000 per annum he is earning £90.000 has a 10% shareholder in the company and also has interest in a second company aswell as having another house in his name that his parents live in? I was a stay at home mum in order to support him and the hours he worked made it difficult for me to get a job although I did contribute for about 3years just towards food and things when I was working for the company from home.

Hi, thank you for your question. Are/were you married to each other?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No we weren't married but lived together for 7years 2 bilogical children aged 6 and 4 only separated and I moved out 4 months ago

Are you and the children suitably accommodated now?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
in rented accommodation
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He is a guarantor but I pay the rent out of my wages and get help with working tax credits and child tax credits

Thanks for confirming. Firstly as you are able to suitably accommodate yourself and the children you cannot seek any financial provision for yourself or in relation to property or other assets. However, you are entitled to seek child maintenance from him for the two biological children. Based on his £90,000 gross salary, the children staying overnight with him once a week or less (on average) and him having no other children in his care , he will be legally liable to pay £240 per week for their benefit.

In relation to the property you had sold, if you are able to demonstrate intention that your contributions increased the value and that you had both intended for you to be compensated for this, you would be in a position to apply to court to seek a payment from him regarding the sale of the home - however, given the property is now sold it may be difficult to quantify this.

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