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I was arrested for possession of a class A drug in august,

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I was arrested for possession of a class A drug in august, however I was released without charge as the police said there was no drugs present.
I am a personal alcohol licence holder and am a manager in a pub. the police saw my licence on arrest and I knew that if charged I would have to notify the local licencing officer, however as I wasn't charged I didn't.
My area manager spoke to me yesterday and told me he had had an email from licencing requesting a meeting but without me, I am assuming it will be with regards ***** ***** arrest.
I am extremely worried now, firstly why he is telling my employer when no charges were brought but mainly about what can happen now, can he still say that he is unhappy with me working in his area, also can my company take action even though I wasn't charged?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Also to add. Can the police change their mind. ie could there now be a charge

If there were no drugs present, then there were no drugs! They cannot now decide that there were drugs after all. That gets rid of the police issue.

If there were no drugs, this should not affect either your licence or your employment. If it does affect your employment, then you would obviously have a claim to bring in the employment tribunal if it affected your employment to the extent that you felt you could no longer work there (constructive dismissal) or if you were dismissed.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Thanks for your response. I did have what looked like a wrap of coke which I had removed from the toilets of my pub the previous day and forgotten was in my pocket. I suppose luckily for me it did not contain any coke. I'm concerned that licensing have found it necessary to contact my employer