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Scots Law at work I was defamed by another employee (more

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Scots Law
at work I was defamed by another employee (more senior). It is a big employer not a small one with a few people. This resulted in claims of misconduct and I was sacked without notice. The employer has asked for the false statement to not be on my record. But no apology, sanction against the employee who did it and no compensation for the loss of job. Employer has been informed about litigation and is now suggesting meeting.
I would like to ask
1. I will apply to court but don't know which is best laws to apply under.
2. Would it be more simple and clear for a court if I make one claim only
3. Or could should I apply for a writ under defamation and another for personal injury
4. Employment tribunal can't help due to nature of my contract
5. I don't think any meeting would help me but maybe they would like more information, which I think is better to do all via written communication and I have been very unwell since it happened
6. I lost all because of this and would like the best way to sue for what they have caused

1. Breach of contract and negligence. 2. Yes. 3. No keep it all together. 4. Why not? 5. If you do decide to meet with them ask for a written agenda and copies of papers they intend to have at the meeting. Otherwise, don't meet with them. 6. As previously advised.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
4. I was just a contractor, employed on renewed contracts for about 5 years and there is no business need for them to have these contracts. Contract is similar has just one day a week guaranteed but I worked fulltime for whole time, and often on weekends and shifts.The person wrote that I committed a criminal offence. No apologies yet but someone has said it should not have happened. I was sacked without notice and the contract had a while to run. They applied for a replacement on the same days they sacked me and they have them working there now.Yes, thank you for advice about any meeting. I am a bit sick just now. I try to get some help with this. I try to go CAB.