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Myself and 2 sisters are execeters of my fathers will. He

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Myself and 2 sisters are execeters of my fathers will. He has left no money only debts.
He lived in a caravan which he owned. The site have said they don't want to buy it but as my father owed 1300 for the years electricity they will just take it.
Can we do that or do they have to give us money first to clear debts? ( we are 1200 out of pocket for funeral costs).
Also site fees of 3000 are due end of this month. My sister believes thAt we are liable for this also?
The owners of the site seem to have all the power as they will also charge anyone 18000 just to move it to car park if we were to get a private seller.
I believe caravan is prob worth about 40000.
I would really appreciate any advice as situation is very stressful
Thank you *****

Get legal representation and quickly.

The site cannot simply take a caravan worth £40,000 in satisfaction of site fees and electricity totalling £4300.

Any debts are those of your father's estate, not yours, and you are not personally liable for any of them.

If there is any money available you are entitled to be repaid the funeral expenses first , before anyone else gets paid!

Best wishes


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