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Builder not sending proof of work been done to a qualified

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builder not sending proof of work been done to a qualified standard, asked several times for paperwork and told will send it but not answered last email. I got them off book a builder uk site so thought they would be checked by it and they are supposed to be a company called ava design and build ltd. made the mistake in ignorance of paying all the bill via bank account as i went along and it went into his partners account so am thinking he is on the make and the vat is not being declared either so fiddling us as well taxman. i need the paperwork if we should sell as it would be asked for by buyers re all underfloor pipes that kept leaking once new gas boiler in, electrics, chimney stack etc,new bathroom, even then he did not stick to brief, did what he wanted. we are pensioners and not had to have work like this done for us before as we lived in job related tied housing so are learning the hard way. they were here from july to 3rd sept.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Could you please explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I booked this builder from the book a builder uk site. i had listed the first bit of the work we wanted done as in bathroom modernised, electrics as in sockets and attic one made safe as surveyor mentioned this and the gas boiler needed replacing and other jobs. he contacted me to say he would do the job, came out and later i was then sent by email listing the costs by his wife/partner and what had to be paid for upfront for supplies. We have not had to deal with builders before as we have been in a tied cottage with the job for years so we are new to all this. He was doing the work with his other team, but was not really listening to what we wanted as in traditional bathroom suite, we got what he decided and sink had to be changed as too small and not traditional but sort of caravan style and replaced with same style again. I was really worried that if i complained too much they would clear off leaving us in the lurch. The tiles were to go all around the walls at window height and ceiling height along bath/shower, but he sealed off the edge from there and no tiling behind and side of toilet. thankfully it does not look that bad but it was not what we had wanted. In fact he was quite happy go lucky and even took the brickwork to bits round fireplace and no dustsheets over my furniture or telly as if it was not worth protecting. Each week his partner would email me to pay for work completed as money needed to pay wages. It did not occur to me i needed to get the paperwork then, I thought at the end of the whole job, but I have got nothing to prove it was done to trade standard, all the pipes started leaking under floors so all had to be replaced, not sure the electrician was qualified as he phoned a friend for info and i have 2 pull cord switches in kitchen as he said he could not connect to a socket for some reason, even our outside light comes on in daytime only now, just makes me feel is it safe. even had a boot through the ceiling. was constantly told they were loosing money on this job and doing us a favour which added pressure. we have paid out over 24k and have no more money to even do up the kitchen now, just about afford carpeting sometime and husband doing other jobs and me now making the curtains. They started i think it was 25th July and left 3rd September with saying the paper work will be sent out the following tuesday. I have emailed them for it several times. the phone number changes as he says he breaks them, but i think it may be another cover up means. Nearly all the money was paid to the partners account name as she dealt with the office side he said via banking system, not to him by name and not to the company name i had no idea was there until later called AVA build and design Ltd. I think it does not sound above board and wonder if i paid VAT and it has gone into their pockets and one reason they will not send paperwork which will be needed if we sell and also if they are not trade qualified too. Just do not see how i can made them send to me.

You need to write and ask for the documents or say you will go to Court.
If they refuse then you can issue proceedings and seek an Order from the Court. You would need to complete form N1:

And N16a:

The Court will list the matter for hearing and decide whether to make an order. If the Court and they refuse this is contempt of Court which they can be warned, fined or sent to prison.
But that should resolve it.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

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