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My ex husband (separated for 2 years and absolute through in

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My ex husband (separated for 2 years and absolute through in August) has threatened me with criminal lawsuit for offences that supposedly took place during our marriage, if i do not drop my financial application against him (to settle marital debt) and accept his very low financial offer. He has quoted slavery coercion abuse and attempted murder, all of which are ridiculous, as he was horribly abusive to me during our marriage, but he did try to build up a case against me by saying I was the abusive one before he left (telling his friends i tried to stab him etc when i self harmed as a result of his abuse, and making out to everyone that i was crazy). He says he has police reports photographs etc. Can he try to bring these fabricated charges against me this long after our relationship (and contact) ended, and without any police involvement at all as far as I am aware (I have never been contacted by the police but I wouldnt put it past him to have fabricated a statement) Are his threats (to bring charges against me if I dont drop court action and accept his offer) extortion?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Hi, thank you for your question. His threats amount to intimidation and blackmail and should not scare you into not pursuing a financial relief application as this is your right. If he were to make such a report to thr police they have a duty to investigate but they will also look at other factora such as why they were not reported earlier and you have the allegation that he is making these issues up to prevent a claim against him.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did want a reply which was in a bit more detail please...Specifically:
Is there a time frame in the UK for which you are able to report such allegations to the police, as it has been 30 months since we separated. Would any of the ridiculous allegations he made against me be investigated or has it been too long since/ What are the rules regarding this in the UK?If he had indeed fabricated an incident to the police while we were together, and they had made a report, there would surely have been some follow up -they would have investigated it and contacted me then, surely? So his claim of having police reports must be false?Is he actually committing an offence in blackmailing/ intimidating me in this way in order to pressure me into dropping my financial application and accept his offer, can I take any action against him for doing so? A quote from his email:
"...I may be using separate solicitors to deal with the criminal charges against you that will follow if this goes to court as you want it....If you are in any doubt I have videos, police reports, recordings, emails, witness statements and photographs. The crimes range from modern day slavery, imprisonment, abuse. coercion, email hacking and even attempted murder.... I have been told I am owed upwards of £35000 from you . So my offer [£2000] is generous."Many thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Also what kind of criminal charges could my ex husband himself bring? Surely it would have to be the police who brought action/ criminal charges against me if they felt there was enough evidence of any of the above, not him? Is there any action that he can bring himself? If he wanted to press charges for anything, the police would need to feel there was a case first, and investigate it ?

From the information you have provided, even if the allegations were true, I do not know where he is getting the amount of £35,000 that he would be awarded and it clearly appears to be intimidation to prevent you continuing with your application.

If he wanted to pursue any of the criminal matters it is something that will have to be reported to the police and the police would investigate this and would no doubt want to interview you about the allegations, therefore it would be highly surprising that he would have police reports if you have not been arrested or questioned by the police in the past. Some of the allegations do not have a time limit, for example the allegation of attempted murder if it had caused injury. If the other allegations are considered minor by the police, and did not cause injury, there is a six month time limit for him to report it to the police.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
His allegations of slavery are because he gave up his job voluntarily after going bankrupt and so I supported him financially for over a year and our agreement was that he look after the house and do the housework etc during this year which he felt was 'beneath him', while I tried to earn as much as possible.
His allegations of coercion are, I assume, because we did ivf together and he signed the ivf forms. I am now seeking half of the ivf debts that were put onto my credit cards, so I guess that he will want to prove that I pressured him into it when in fact he made it a requisite- I felt our being together absolutely depended upon me being able to have a baby.
His allegation of 'attempted murder' was after a long incident (2 hours) of abusive behaviour one night towards me, when I was could not take any more and snapped, slashing at my arms with a knife and - he was of course not injured at all as I was only interested in self harming to stop his abuse. I had hospital treatment. He told non mutual friends that I had tried to stab him.His allegations of abuse: He was definitely trying to build up a case against me at the end of our relationship before he left- my family were very concerned and warned me he was approaching them and telling them that I was unhinged and he was scared of me. I know from text messages that he told the same non-mutual friends that I hit him and gave them 'evidence' (photographs of 'bruises') to store- I am quite sure he was capable of inflicting injuries on himself and blaming me, although I did not believe it at the time. I once scratched him accidentally with a key and some months later, found photographs of the scratch on the computer labelled 'key attack'. I really have no way of knowing what he has fabricated against me.
It is quite likely, though, that he recorded and manipulated arguments/ me exploding when I was at the end of my tether and not able to take any more of his abusive/ very controlling behaviour. While I am not proud of my some of my behaviour while I was in this relationship, it was in response to his extreme emotional and verbal abuse towards me and I have documented records of his behaviour / have emails texts etc.I am assuming from your answer that all of the above 'accusations' he lists would be considered minor or domestic by the police, especially as our relationship was over two and a half years ago, and that the time limit would be imposed in any case- they would therefore not consider his request to press criminal charges against me and not investigate the allegations. Is this right?
Lastly, is there any basis on which i can claim intimidation/ blackmail etc from this email, as he is clearly trying to stop me going forward with my financial application. Has he incriminated himself?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Could you also clarify-if he has managed to build up a case of abuse against me and tries to allege that I physically injured him during our relationship - providing photos of bruises etc, would they consider this as evidence (even though there is no way of knowing where he got them from!) this outside the 6 month time limit and would they take them seriously!?

It will be difficult for him to prove anything so long after any allegations and his main motive for making a report now is to stop you from continuing with this application. At this time I do not think you should report the matter to the police as it may inflame matters. However, in the process of the financial relief proceedings you can raise his intimidation and threats and blackmail as "bad conduct" which the family court will consider as part of you application.

Again, I do not think, based on the information you have provided, that he has any strong claim against you which he can take to the police.

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