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Question regarding civil aviation issue, recently my son who

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question regarding civil aviation issue, recently my son who has held a private pilots license for some years recently took a colleague up in a light plane the man had not flown before and my son followed the lodged planed route but during the flight the passenger began being sick this distracted my son who decided to turn around and fly back to the airfield that he took off from but using the original route he did declare an emergency to air traffic.
He did not endanger any other aircraft but was interviewed by someone in the air traffic who has then passed this to their legal department and subsequently been asked to go to a magistrate court. I have suggested that he goes to the court being represented by a solicitor what do you advise?
My son is presently working away from home.
Jeffrey Dubock

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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I am about to go into court. May I call when I get out?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please, the question is fairly simple not technical
1. My son just wants to submit a letter to the court and ask me to review what he has written but i'm not qualified but strongly suggest that he is represented at court if he attends or otherwise;
2. From the above if you agree that he should have representation then can you suggest a solicitor as I have searched the web and cannot find anyone;
3. If he is found guilty of any charge for invading air space then what is the maximum fine or other, the CAA who interviewed him confirmed that no-one was in-convenience and no-one was in any danger, At the time he had informed the Scottish Flight Information Region by radio of his proposed actions, the initial flight path was agreed by the Chief Flying instructor at Carlisle as a simple and safe route along the coast.
4. The CAA told him to watch the BBC programs that were being televised on the air space around Britain, the programs basically said that the air above us around Britain belonged to no-one but reserved paths the military and civil airlines use and in point said that they do not have control over such as and balloonists and others that may stay into the path of commercial airlines.Jeffrey Dubockair traffic control keep watch for any such