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I bought a car on 30/07/2016 about a month after I had new

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i bought a car on 30/07/2016 about a month after I had new disks and pads fitted on back of car.
When I went to pick car up they told me moth sills and part of the floor where completely rotten i got back in touch with the garage where I bought the car from he said it was not his problem.
I then got in touch with citizens advice who said send the garage a letter telling him that I would like a full refund o which he ignored I then sent him a second letter 14 days later which he has replied to but says he will only fix the car not give me my money back.
I have also been to 2 different garages who say the car is not worth repairing as it will cost as much as the vehicle is worth or more can I still ask for my money back and take him to small claims if necessary?

When did you ask for a refund?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
phoned him on 16/08/2016 mentioned to him what garage said and asked for refund
sent him first letter on 08/09/2016 with this in writting

How much did you pay and how old is it?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the car is 2006 so 10 yr old
I payed £2900 and £100 trade in on my old car
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry the car is a 2005 so 11 yrs old

Sorry for the delay. I lost my connection.

Under the Consumer Rights Act you do have the right to reject the vehicle for the first thirty days. I don't know whether that was what you said. That is the problem with phone calls rather than letters. I suppose he will deny that you said that and proving it is hard.

However, it is a fairly low sum of money that is within the small claims court arena so it would be cheap and quick to issue.

They may well just settle to avoid action.

That said, I would write to them threatening to sue before you do.

That will protect you from costs.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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