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Michael Holly
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My partner lived with me for 6years in my house, we opened

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My partner lived with me for 6years in my house, we opened 12 shops , he has now sold them on , am l legally entitled to any money from the sale, we were also engaged to be married, also he is going to declare himself bankrupt . Very soon, l. Know he has thousands of phones in a safe not declared , what should l do

Living together and being engaged does not give you any legal status to claim anything.

If you assisted him in the business by working for it without pay then you can argue that you have what is called a beneficial interest something which is not on paper but that you have earnt by helping

The issue would then arise as to what your interest is worth usually a percentage and if he is in debt how is it going to be paid.

If he declares bankruptcy his financial affairs are placed in the hands of a receiver whose job is to call in all his assets to use to pay creditors. Should the receiver find out about the phones then they will demand those too.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He has cash in a safe, thousands his buisness is all by phone with 02'. He's a liar , he has money rapped up in investments
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Watches , l no he has money he also has someone paying him £25,000 a month for the buisness he sold , he declaring bankruptcy cos he he's been investigated

You need to use this information when it does you the most good. If he knows you know he will simply move them!