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Me and my partner are designated members and beneficial

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Dear sir or madam,
My name is***** and my partner are designated members and beneficial owners of an LLP (England & Wales).
I need an advice on what to do in following situation:
We need to change the registered office address, submit the Confirmation Statement and update our information. However our registration agent refuses to provide us the Companies House authentication code. Moreover they refuse to forward our business mailing from current registered office address, so we cannot request the new code. In fact our registration agent blackmails us, threatening all sorts of "fines and problems", and demands a hefty sum of money for the code.
What do we do in this situation?
We are ready to provide all the documents required to confirm the ownership of the LLP and our identities (passports, utility bills, donation agreements, minutes of meeting, shares certificates, power of authority from previous (nominee) designated members back to the date of partnership formation, etc.).
Thanks you in advance!
Kind regards,

1. Dear Miroslav, at the outset, you need to realise that these agents you employ are merely your agents. They have no power over you nor do they have any power to deal with Companies House once your revoke their mandate. So, all you need to do is to simply write to Companies House and change the nominated agents who are allowed to deal with you LLP. Here, I would suggest you get a lawyer to write on your behalf and include a signed mandate from yourself and your partner appointing the new lawyer as your agent for the purposes of dealing with Companies House. Once you revoke the mandate with your existing agents, it is then unlawful for them to purport to represent you in your dealings with Companies house. So, in this way you can avoid the need to deal with them further and you can negotiate your bill with them as you see fit. Be aware that Companies HOuse will only deal with the actual owners. Not agents. So, this is in your favour.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello @Buachaill,
Thank you so much for your answer! I'm accepting it.
I will also be super grateful if you answer couple of additional questions:> I would suggest you get a lawyer to write on your behalfI'd rather prefer to do it myself. What exactly do I write? The same I wrote here?
And how do I contact Companies House via email or by post?
I'm also not a UK resident. Will that be a problem?
(My email in case you need it is:***@******.***)
Thanks in advance!Kind regards,

2. Dear Miroslav, you will need a UK address which will be the new registered company address. Additionally, you should have a return uk ADDRESS for post, as Companies House will not send post to the Ukraine. So, it is for this reason, I have recommended getting yourself a UK based lawyer. However, you can do it yourself. However, your letter should merely state that you now intend to act as agents for the company. It should not discuss the arrangements with the previous agents.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Got it. Thank you so much!
You can contact me via email***@******.*** if you are ready to offer further assistance on this issue.
Thank you so much!

3. You are welcome.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello @Buachaill,
Will you be interested in assisting me with this issue further? To contact the Companies House on our behalf OR help us writing proper letter?
Thank you!