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My mother has been arrested one day for shoplifting, she

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My mother has been arrested one day for shoplifting, she just been told off from the police, she didn't get charge fr anything and was no trace after that ,but they still took her fingers print. I would like just to know if is gonna affect her visa application request to come and visit me again in uk.
Thank you

1. Your Mum would actually have to be convicted of an offence for it to affect her visa application to come and visit you in the UK. Even then, it would have to be a serious conviction, such as time in jail, for it to affect her ability to get a visa to visit you in the UK. Essentially, the UK Home Office don't prevent a person entering the UK where they have merely been a suspect in a criminal investigation. Accordingly, where you Mum merely got fingerprinted, there will be no adverse effects when she applies for a visa to visit you in the UK. The situation would be different if she got jail time. However, as she hasn't even been convicted of something, she has nothing to worry about.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thank you for your response , it is just a good lesson to learn in future , however what I understood is there is difference between visa application fingers print and the one she did at the police station , but because she didn't be convicted for anything, so there is not a particular link to be worry .

3. There is no link to worry about. Essentially, just because her finger prints have been taken, this does not mean that these can be used against her in a different situation as she has not been convicted of anything. The only finger prints which will feature on the Home Office database will be those of people convicted of serious crimes abroad for which there was a jail sentence.

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