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I have had two arrangements with a woman that I met on a

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I have had two arrangements with a woman that I met on a seekingarrangement website broken. She constantly asked me for money which I gave her on the condition we met. After she broke the first arrangement I insisted that she that sign a loan agreement which she did and knows she has to pay back. In total I gave her £750. only £200 was on the loan agreement. On the second arrangement she asked for a hotel with a hot tub which I booked. I told her it was none refundable and if she wished to back out to do it before I lost my the money. (7 day cancelation period) Approx £366. So in total she had 750 cash and as far as I'm concerned the cost of the hotel £366 is also .
As it turns out I am 99% certain it was all a scam. Do I have a case for reclaiming the money from her or am I on a hiding to nothing
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
First occasion she asked for £100 to buy some lingerie to wear when we meet
then she suggested instead of a hotel we use her house and she use the hotel money to get her hair and nails done £100
Then she lost her phone and needed £120 to replace it. she said she would pay it back so I just gave her £200 upfront which was the arrangement for her company.
She broke that arrangement by going quiet on me and missing the date. cost to me £400
She then apologised to me. We agreed to meet for a drink which we did for 20 mins. To that point we had never met so agreed not to talk about the none event last time. I did say I forgive her when she apologised but that didn't mean I had written off the money. Money was not discussed at that point. we chatted for a week or so then made another arrangement that when she asked for money again, food clothes, boots, and I agreed to give her a loan. which she signed. I said it would be discharged as long as we met. She asked me to book a specific room which I did. then in the last 48 hours she went cold on me again. She now says it was all gifts so I have no claim. She wont discuss the hotel bookingso in total she has cost me over £1000 and she broke the two agreements we had. Yes know I am a dick but this was obviously just a scam. Do I have a case?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
All of her profile statements say she was single. She always played on the fact that she was single after she let me down for the second time she said her boy friend found her phone and that why she couldn't come. Considering she offered to use her home for our first arrangement dosnt that suggest that she was lying. I mean where was the boy friend going to be while she was entertaining me? If I new she was living with her boyfriend I wouldn't have made any arrangements in the first place

Is she in the UK?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
she lives in the same town as me,,,Newton Abbot. She tried to hide her home address but it turns out she lives just a few miles away

What was the arrangement that you had with her?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I offered her 200 to sleep with her,,,she said she was cool with that, then she wanted some nice lingerie to wear for me so i gave her 100. then she said why dont we save the hotel money and give it to me to do my hair and nails so i gave her another 100. then she said her phone had been lost so i gave her the 200 up front,,,,,so i gave her 400 in total to spend the night with her at her home the next saturday,,,,then she stopped talking to me.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
A few days later she came back online and apologized to me and i said i forgave her,,,,just thinking it was nerves etc I hadnt met her up to this point! We met for a drink, short but sweet and she made all the right noises. Always saying she had no money, no food, etc. But then she did agree that we should spend the night together. She wanted a large bath in the room. I found a room with a hottub so booked it. She encouraged me to book it and i gave her the chance to back out before the 7 day cancellation period was breached. She asked for more money and said she would pay it back so i got her to sign a loan agreement and gave her £200 more. yes very romantic i know but i wanted some sort of gaurantee. then she went quiet on me agian and it never happenedAfter a couple weeks of chatting, and i did l
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
basically we had two agreement to spend the night together, she pulled out of both. Only talk of money was in the early days when she agreed to spend the night with me for £200,,,,,all money given to her was for lingerie hair etc on the understanding that she would wear it on the night.

In that case you cannot reclaim.

This is just not a contract.

It might well be that you were used. That is probably right. Some women do that. It is not acceptable but it isn't unlawful.

The loans are different of course. They are lawfully reclaimable.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the fact that she maintained all along that she was single makes no difference. The fact that i gave her money upfront to spend the night with me and she didnt isnt a contract of any kind then


This is not unlawful.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok lesson learned,,,

Never get involved with women who demand that you pay for things. It is not your responsibility to pay for them.

And, in my view, you would do well to avoid the ones who have a background of making allegations of abuse. They will do it to you if they have done it to others.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hmmm interesting Thought! Scary thought too as she has claimed that big time. Hmmm I want to hug you now but I don't think that appropriate considering who you are. Thanks again......Richard