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Hii 2 years ago my 16 year son for some reason gave a friend

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2 years ago my 16 year son for some reason gave a friend of a friend his bank card and pin number. this boy said he can put money on his card. my son did ask if it is legal. then to be told yes. why he stupidly did this is i just can't understand this. especially not really knowing this person. also you don't give your details to anyone. this person then went of with it and never came back. to my knowledge he hadn't told me this straight away. he came home angry saying he had lost it his card. i told him it's not a problem because what to do is order a new one over the phone. which we did. i was always transfering money into his account for college lunch money. when i went to transfer. it wasn't letting me. so we went into the halifax branch which to my knowledge was told the reason why his account was shut down. fraud had been commited on his account and didn't show where money was coming from and had been withdrawal from his account totalling around £2,000. i was totally horrified. And was told by halifax my son could never bank with them again. he wasn't given any explaining just close down if what went on was him that did it. but because card was given to this person it looks like he had done this. that's why we didn't contact police because to scared they will think the same thing. and my son is saying he don't know this person. Anyway we left it has that thinking only halifax didn't want him to bank with him. i went ahead and opened another account with a different bank where is was excepted so we thought everything was ok. when all this happened to him he was like a recluse didn't go out anymore with his friends for quite a long time. we did keep asking him who this person was who did this to you, but said he dosen't really know this person. the problem is now he is going to university and tried to open out a student account with the bank i had originally open the account with him. what actually happen something flag up to say something had happen on his halifax account 2 years ago. and have closed his account and can't open the one he was trying to open. so at present his student loan for his accommadation am trying to pay it in a trustee which i have for him in this bank. because of this situation with this person. my son is now having problems getting a bank account. i went to citizens advice and was told to get incontact with halifax to explain what happen and to also get a credit check to see what has actually gone on records why he has been let down for opening accounts. am getting really worried about all of this because it seems his name has been blacklisted. i know fraud is a big thing these day. but my son is guilty of given his details to this person. but not guilty of fraud. he is now 18 years of age and trying to work hard and do his best in University to work for a future. if he has this hanging over him, how will he be able to get on in life. i know what he did was irresponsible and negligence given this person his details, and how does he prove it wasn't him who hadn't commit the fraudulent crime. surely he should be able to begiven a second chance in society. otherwise you might as well say he has reunioned his life without even been given a second chance in life. he has paid a big price for given away he dtails. as a mother everyone wants the best for there child. so please can you understand how am feeling also him. we all make mistakes in life, but this is a big price to pay. i don't know if this will stay on his record for the rest of his life. otherwise he will have no future.
many thanks

Sorry, will what stay on his record?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
am waiting for your reply

I need the information I asked for?

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All the best.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i have received credit check. it's only telling me the banks he was rejected from. how long his lived at property which dosen't really help. i am awaiting other credit checks from companys. which tells you different information. i thought it would tell me what he has against his name.

Are you checking against his name or yours ?