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We bought a 25% of our flat almost three years ago and, in

Customer Question

We bought a 25% of our flat almost three years ago and, in this period of time, we had recurrent issues with the flush valve in the toilet, to the point that we had to change it twice.
A couple of weeks ago a leaking caused mould on the apartment below us and we were advised by the Company that manages the building that, being the owners, the repairing cost would have been down to us.
We have reasons to believe, however, that the reason for this problem is down to the poor quality of the fittings installed by the Management company when the flats were built and - and this was confirmed by our plumber - by the fact that the recurrent issues we are having are caused by the hardness of the water. Our plumber lives in the building too and said that he already had to to repairing jobs in about half the flat in the block. I heard that The Management Company stated that water softeners were installed, but other owners are not sure this is the case and, if it is, they have not been replaced in a while.
Is there any chance, considering all the above, to pass the repairing costs to the Management Company?
Many thanks,
Matteo Carta
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

When was the property built?

If you were to put a water softener into your property, how much would that cost?

How much would new taps cost?

You say that you believe the reason for the leak is down to the poor quality of the fittings. Can you please expand that?

As much background detail as possible is really useful please. Thank you