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I have received a parking charge notice from your old

Customer Question

I have received a parking charge notice from your old friends Civil Enforcement ltd. I parked in a Coop car park to go shopping. I have a blue badge and was parked in the disabled bay there used to be a pay machine in the C/P to register the car number ,but if you only going to be less than 30 mins this was not required. This machine was removed but at the time there was no indication of any new procedure. This is only a small local shop with the C/P at the rear. I walked around the building and before entering used the cash machine, for which I had to queue. After entering the shop and looking for the item I required I was unable to find it and as there appeared to be only one member of staff who was working the till and dealing with other customers I decided to leave. I returned to the car and drove home. Civil Enforcement have pictures of the vehicle on an access road leading to the C/P showing me driving towards the C/P and driving away. These are timed and show a difference of 13 mins 3 secs. which I believe is not excessive considering the distance I had to walk and the time at the cash point and in the store, especially as I walk with a walking stick. I went away on holiday 2days after I apparently committed an offence originally for one month to visit my sister and her husband overseas. Whilst there my brother in law suffered a heart attack, so my wife and I immediately cancelled our return to assist and support my sister. we only returned last week to find three letters from the above company increasing the original charge from £60 to £140 and today as I write a further letter from a company called ZZPS ltd has sent a letter now demanding £200. I feel I have done nothing wrong. I was shopping in the store but if you can't get what you want you don't just stand around. Some of the letters state that there was ample signage regarding a new procedure but at the time there was none. I was not the only customer to be caught out as apparently whilst I was away our local paper covered another customers situation and apparently even the staff, who were supposed to be administering the new method had not got a clue as to it. Please help and advise
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

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