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I have been miss quoted and tricked in a pip face to face

Customer Question

I have been miss quoted and tricked in a pip face to face meeting can a solicitor help me and how much is it going to cost.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
pip meaning personal independence payment.
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

Could you explain the situation here in a little more detail please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have been sent to a face to face meeting for me pip assessment. I feel that they tricked me at this assessment and unfairly awarded me with a lower rate. They said that I can walk for more than 20 meters and this is not true. They never asked me to get out of my wheel chair on the assessment so how could they tell. They said that because i was in a lot of pain they would skip this part of the assessment. I wanted to know if it is worth my while getting a solicitor to angle my appeal and approximately how much will it cost ?
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

It is certainly worth an appeal.

However whether it’s worthwhile a solicitor completing the documents are not really comes down to you.

You may have already seen this link with the appeal process and the forms and timescale (you only have 1 month from the decision)

section 5 is the important bit and what you have said in your question is basically what goes in there.

A solicitor probably charge you about £100-200 for putting the wording in suitable format although to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to be necessary.

If you put down, in your own words on here, the exact grounds why you are repealing, we can adjust the words for you and make recommendations. There is an extra cost for the service and you can either take it up or not is the case may be but it will be much much cheaper than high street solicitors.

Why don’t you start with your own version of what needs to go into box 5, posted up here and then we’ll let you know whether we can just alter a few words here and there is part of this question thread or whether it would need doing as an extra paid service?

Please rate the service positive. It’s the process by which the experts get paid.

The thread remains open.

We can still exchange emails.

Best wishes.