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I travelled to Vietnam in July for my son's wedding. I flew

Customer Question

I travelled to Vietnam in July for my son's wedding. I flew with Vietnamese airlines. We arrived on Wednesday morning 8.15am, spent almost 2 hours in the airport as the luggage did not arrive. We filled in forms etcan. My son went to the airport to collect the luggage on Thursday night, only to find my case was saturated in fish oil. The 3 dresses I had bought for the wedding, the reception the following week, and the visit to my son's in laws were also saturates.
My son threw the case out immediately as the smell was terrible,and baggedo the dresses to be taken to be dry cleaned.
I have been dealing with the airline since then , trying to claim compensation .
I sent them copies of Mastercard statements which the dresses were billed on.
They originally offered £80, then when I refused, she got back to me on 10th November, putting the offer up to £100.
I said I was going to see advice on this and she has come back to me today offering £150, and saying this is their final offer.
I have Parkinson's disease and this has caused me no end of stress., especially as I had to borrow a dress to wear to the wedding .
What should have been a happy occasion has turned into a nightmare.
I feel the amount they are offering is an insult.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

Ignoring the fact that this was a wedding, how much will it cost to replace the case and whatever was in it that you had to replace and how much was the dry-cleaning bill? Basically, I need to know how much this has cost you.