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My fiancé and I began renting in a property/flat in July

Customer Question

Good day,
My fiancé and I began renting in a property/flat in July within Hackney, London.
We tried to set up an electrical supplier (i.e E-On) but upon investigation it was found the building (x5 flats) had only x1 single electrical supply meter.
Questioning our landlady we received an unsure response as to what was happening, she played dumb and stated she'd bought the flat 'blind on an auction'.
hat meter then was found as 'illegally bypassed' so all properties were illegally obtaining supplies (for some years judging by installation) and also the 100 amp single phase supply was dangerously too low for more than x1 flat. It should be a 3 phase supply minimum for multi-properties.
UK power network (UKPN) had to perform an emergency cut off of electricity to the whole building, power outage lasted 3 days and a 'temp supply has been reinstated to allow minor power', that was carried out by N-Power.
At the same time the illegal supplies were overloading and sparking (according to UKPN report) we had a gas leak in our flat (emergency call out and immediate cut off), which had it been ignited via the electricity/sparking it could of lead to catastrophic if not fatal outcome.
We asked our landlady and letting agent if we cancel contract immediately but have had no joy and its become very upsetting for my fiancé and I. We have also had aggressive behaviour from other tenants in the building, 1 of which threatened me not to 'rock the boat' when I initially asked who they used as their electricity providers.
Following the second time I was aggressively approached by car was broken into the very same day and cleared out.
We are in a very upsetting and stressful situation with both my fiancé and I having to still pay rent on that contract ( not living there through fear) and paying alternate accommodation, therefore we need legal advice.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

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