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Seven weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with a blood clot

Customer Question

Seven weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with a blood clot on my lungs. It was treated with blood thinners and a drug to break it up. I developed a infection and had antibiotics. Was sent home after 11 days. Within seven days the pain started again and I was short of breath and wheezing. - during the following three weeks I had to attend two interviews with ATOS to establish if I could return to work, I was in hospital on both occasions - I was re admitted after a week at home, this time they said I had a slight infection, a viral bronchitis a possible acid reflux and they wanted me to go home and rotate certain drugs to eliminate them from causing the pain. One of which I had to inject into myself. After a further seven days at home I became ill again with similar symptoms, I was having trouble breathing and was in a lot of pain.I rang 111 and was told that they could hear that I was having trouble breathing. An ambulance arrived and took me to hospital , this time one consultant said I had asthma another said I definitely did not have asthma. I was given a nebulizer and a ventolin pump, they treated me for acid reflux, asthma and Lupus After a week it was decided that I had Lupus - I have had it for some time - and the suspected asthma was mild. I had a high resolution cat scan that showed - according to the consultant - I had asthma and a previously broken rib and coupled with my asthma and having coughing fits the lungs were rubbing up and down on the broken rib causing extreme pain. He said the Lupus was not affecting me too much. The rheumatology team have consistently asked to join in with the investigation as they were sure it was Lupus and they wanted to try me on a new drug, but were told by the respiratory consultant that he had things until control. I was also given drugs to lower my blood pressure. I am due to be sent home this weekend 19/20 November but the O.T. team have said I can't until they've observed me washing and doing day to day tasks, if they feel I'm entitled to a home care package they will have to put grab rails up in my bathroom, up the stairs and provide help with washing, cleaning, shopping, etc. What I want to know is...what have I really got, how is it treated and will it get better or worse? I have had very very similar symptoms for nearly four years , I would cough and cough until I was sick and the pain was agony. So much so that I was sent to hospital by my GP and they said I had pleurisy. So how is it that the pain I'm experiencing now is due to a rib that I broke about a year ago whilst helping my father with his boat. It clearly isn't the correct diagnosis.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

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