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My ex-boyfriend and I split up under extremely traumatic

Customer Question

My ex-boyfriend and I split up under extremely traumatic circumstances in 2011. When he moved out of my home, he helped himself to £18,000 worth of vintage musical equipment and accessories associated with this equipment.
All the equipment was purchased solely by me, paid for from my sole account. At the time he moved out with a removal firm whom carried out his packing and relocation, I was avoiding him due to the abusive nature of our relationship, I stayed out of his way and did not oversee his removal. It transpired that over half of my equipment had been taken away by him. This was confirmed by the removal man, whom subsequently wrote a statement which he emailed to me, confirming that my ex had indeed taken the missing items as he remembered them clearly.
Effectively, I cannot prove my ex stole these items, but if he didn't steal them, the only other possibility is that the removal company stole them. Which didn't happen, because the removal man is hardly likely to steal equipment. Plus he confirmed these items were taken to my Ex's new place.
I contacted the police some time ago, however they told me that it's a civil matter not a criminal matter.
To complicate matters, I've known the removal man for a number of years, and given him lots of jobs, and had a friendly professional relationship with his small family run firm. However, after the breakup with my ex, the removal man did a couple of moves for me, and one of these moves wasn't apparently paid up in full by me, but I didn't know this. He subsequently told me that a bill had gone unpaid, for approx £1,200. I therefore immediately began paying off this outstanding bill, I was hampered at the time by being almost flat broke, but I managed to make regular payments and now I owe him £200. Which I can pay on Monday.
I've told him clearly this. However he turned up at my house on Friday, to get the money which I didn't have until this Monday coming. I explained I had no money till Monday.
He went away, and filed a MCOL against me. Which seemed unnecessary , as I had assiduously paid off my final bill in good faith, bar £200 which I told him I can pay this Monday.
He proceeded to bombard me with text messages - he's still going with them. He is saying that he will withdraw his statement about the equipment, and write to my ex to deny all knowledge.
I want to pay him his final £200 on Monday, but he has made this now about writing to my ex, to say that his statement, which I haven't even used as I haven't made a claim against my ex for theft yet....he will withdraw it and say it is without his consent.
So for me, as a lay-person, he's saying unless I pay him his last £200 to cover what I owe him, which I am already doing, he will withdraw his statement.
So now t appears that imam paying him £200 in order to secure a statement from him, whichninalreafy have, which he supplied of his own volition.
I feel I'm being harassed and that he is making a statement which depends on my paying for it. If I pay him the £200 now, it would appear that I'm paying a man to write a false statement.
Please advise urgently as this is traumatising me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

i shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first.

May I ask why you have not taken any action on the equipment for more than five years?