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I am the mother of my 28 week pregnant daughter she has been

Customer Question

Hi I am the mother of my 28 week pregnant daughter she has been mentally abused by her partner of several years promised to be married twice and cheated on before the weeding and recently she found out he was having a relationship with a girl for the past three months so finally left his home they were sharing. The other girl moved directly in! He has not made any contact and has not shown any concern towards her welfare she is back in her own home but spending most time with her family for support! She is trying very hard to be strong and get through this nightmare, she called the wedding off again when she found out he had been unfaithful and also very concerned on his unreasonable and cruel behaviour and mixed messages! He als has been found to using cocaine in they home and when with his friends he drinks and drives and his behaviour shows no empathy or concern to her health and well being. She has continually tried in the past to break free from his hold she ask early into the pregnancy if he wanted to have the child and he assured her that he wanted her to have the baby get married etc. And convinced her to move in with him! She is now frightened of what he will do next and is unpredictable she doesn't want him in her life as she is concerned for her baby's safety. She has asked us to change locks and make this secure as he knows where she lives. He is wealthy and thinks he can treat people how he likes, and always gets what he wants!(wolf of walstreet) he refers to his gang as the wolf pack! They all cheat on there partners and do drugs! Etc!! My daughter is worried about the birth and registering it? And would prefer she has parental responsibility we can help support her financially and with the child's needs. Lease can you give any advice ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for your question. Firstly, as they are unmarried it is her decision whether to register him on the birth certificate or not. However, even if he is not registered on the birth certificate, the child will have a right to a relationship with her father but your daughter can reasonably restrict this if there are any welfare or child protection concerns - such as the drug use you have mentioned. If they cannot reach and agreement in relation to the arrangements directly, he will be entitled to pursue a court application for a child arrangement order but the concerns will be assessed by the court prior to making any orders.

Furthermore, she will be entitled to seek child maintenance from him which will be based on his gross salary and how often (on average) the child stays overnight with him. This is your daughter's right to claim and an obligation on him to pay and is not in exchange for any contact arrangements.

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Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

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