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M has just bought Whitegates, a large country house, from A.

Customer Question

M has just bought Whitegates, a large country house,
from A. M did her own conveyancing. M moved into the property last month.
Last week, M was surprised to find a woman claiming to be A’s wife, H,
standing on the doorstep. H said that Whitegates was her home and that she had
been living there since A bought the property 15 years ago. She had just returned
from an extended holiday visiting her daughter from her first marriage, in
You have established that H paid the £25,000 deposit when A bought the
property. She claims that she has rights in the property. When M was shown
around Whitegates by A prior to the exchange of contracts, some of H’s clothes
and other belongings were visibly apparent although M had not thought anything
of it at the time.
M has also discovered that, in 2010, A granted a 10-year lease (created by
deed) of a garage in the grounds of Whitegates to Y.
M wants to use the garage herself but Y insists that she can continue to park her car there.
M is also upset to discover that A had ripped out most of the expensive chrome
kitchen units and the granite worktops before he moved out. He had also removed
the dishwasher and the fridge. M had assumed that all of these items were
included in the purchase price.
Advise M:
(a) as to the nature of the interests being claimed by H and Y over
the property and whether those interests would be binding on M; and
(b) as to whether she has any claim against A in respect of the items he
has removed from Whitegates house.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

Is this coursework or is this a real scenario?