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Malcolm Redman. Male. Age 72 21/11/2016 I have 9 points

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Malcolm Redman. Male. Age 72 21/11/2016I have 9 points current on my driving licence and next month another three will be added for an offence I have already acknowledged. However I have just received another speeding offence - 72 on an average speed test in a 60 mile limit .The two other 30 mph offences were both below 40 and the two 50 mph offences were below 60 and were based on average speeds.Nine years ago I escaped a ban for 12 points on the basis of exceptional hardship due to Metastatic prostate cancer. The tumour had grown through my vertebrae and carried a mortality rate of 93 % over a 5 year period. As to My own research regarding my handling of Cortisol at the end of 10 years (9 now) I will pass to the Royal Marsden Cancer hospitalPersonal severe HardshipI live 2 miles from any shop or bus stop. This year so far I have attended my doctors 5 miles away some 20 plus times plus, for monthly PSA a tests, bloods and treatment for diarrhoea which caused a serious vitamin deficiency and washed out my lithium. I Also collect my prescriptions from the chemist every 6 weeks, plus visits to a Bristol based specialistThe cancer in my spine has caused some jamming of my sciatic nerve and there is no way that I can either cycle or walk these distances. My route would be along a narrow unpaved country road bordered sometimes by trees and other times a ditch with no room to evade any vehicle. In addition I use only organic food from known local suppliers and shop twice a week at farmers markets the nearest at Stroud some 7 miles away. The sum of all the above I believe would have a very adverse affect on my health and consequently my life expectancy.I Have other medical problems including Hypothyroidism and have been taking medication for clinical depression (Isocarboxazid and lithium) which first started some 25 years ago. My fear is that being isolated from my grandchildren and my sons and their wives plus a serious limit to my social contact would adversely tip the balance of my mental healthHardship to others This really lies in the work involved in recording my own history of Metastatic Prostate Cancer, This I intend presenting to the Royal Marsden cancer hospital nest year - a 10 year study which I think will be unique.Also I hope to test a home Cortisol monitor in the USA at the beginning of next year and introduce it to the UK. This is a new invention to help an individual to measure their own Cortisol which if controlled I think will play an important role for some people in slowing the spread of Metastatic prostate cancer.* Having charted the course of my cancer it is a fact that identifying foods which elevated my Cortisol and thus my PSA has (possible other factors) enabled me to survive this long. I dont pretend that I have an answer to everything lets just say this particular borehole has found oil unlike many others
When I started only one peer review paper (out of 20 million contained the words Cortisol and PSA in the same paper. There are a lot more now but as far as I can tell not a single paper world wide that lists the 5 specific items that spiked my PSA eg Campbell’s tinned mushroom soup - why, a carcinogenic plastic lining. In the FDA - files thre was mention of a class held in abeyance pending Campbell’s promised corrective action. When I looked several years later they had not!If I carry on then I believe my research has significant value and though I deserve a ban for my carelessness its possible that those who could have been helped may loose out if I fail.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
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