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I have a query regarding a parking ticket I received in

Customer Question

Hello I have a query regarding a parking ticket I received in September 2016. My car was parked in a secure parking space No. 37 where I live, I pay my landlord £25 for the use of this car park space each month. it has a security barrier that you need a Security Fob to get into the car park itself. you can only obtain by having a car park space. The landlord has a security group called LDK Security who make sure that only residents and car park holders park there.
I recieved a letter from LDK Security for a parking fine they have taken pictures of my vehicle showing that i did not have my permit showing and that the security barrier was down. I sent in an appeal via email with a letter from my landlord clearly stating that I was the owner of car park space No. 37.
They said in the autoreply that it takes 14 days for the appeal to be started,I have recieved no email back but i did recieve a letter from a debt recovery company for £150 as I had not payed the £45. I then checked to see if my emails had been sent correctly which theu were and I sent it again. Still no reply. but now I have another letter from the debt company with a notice of intended court action.
I have contacted my landlord to see if they can help am an awaiting a call back tomorrow from my housing officer.
I have recieved an email from LDK after I contacted LDK and the reaction was "I will tell the debt recovery company to put it on hold for 14 days to allow me to settle at the rate it would have been had they responded to my email. They have rejected my appeal as my permit was not on show. but in there letter they sent with the permit in question it stated that they had a record of my vehicle registration and my car park space so I do not have to have my permit on display.
Please can you advise me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

Have you ever written a letter as opposed to email please?