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Also if one feels that there is interference in the phone

Customer Question

Also if one feels that there is interference in the phone and internet or mails, like hacking, where should one complain in the UK. Who is appropriate to provide help, if someone is being chased and harassed in the UK by unknown people.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Could you please explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will be grateful if you reply the question only, say if you feel, your phone line gets taken over after few seconds of contacting where you contacted or when you are talking to some one people are able to say things in between. say nasty things, similarly mails dont go or receieved, or internet interference, there is aditing in the TV, behind moving mouths of actors, actually some other nasty people say nasty things. people enterd your house when you are not there, they will break your very dear earrings and through them on the floor, they steal your USBs, your diary of fetal medicine notes. scratch your car, interfere in it . chase you on the road when you are driving, to cause accident. make sure your home does not go on the rent when you want to move out of that area 2.5 years. whereas every house in the street is rented by some other people. Because they have hacked all the communication system, so if any locum offer comes, after few minutes another phone will come utilizing the same number or similar kind of number from different extension to cancel that work, it goes on for 3 or 4 months on daily basis. I applied for assessment as specialist in australia and all my paperwork approved, they called me for appraisal in march 2015, saying all good, just need to come for interview. I could not go than but went almost after a year, and than suddenly a different person took over for communication saying they dont have refrences. An institute like RANZCOG can not do that take 85000 dollars and check your papers for 6 months and than call you to australia and you spend another 1000 pound on the ticket to get there and than they remember there are no refrences. That kept on happening on all the job offers in the UK for no reason. Fake internet job adverts, fake internet pages, fake internet messages. People who could chase you to australia and trouble you in your own sisters house, chase you to pakistan and make your life difficult, chase you to all your friends houses and dont let them see them. I left the UK, i have sold my house, car, closed my General Medical Council licence but at times it really hurts, i pray may not only them but their next 7 generations suffer. I just want to know where one should contact in the UK if one wants to in this scenario. I hate them. I can give the names of people whose houses they were coming, i can tell the hospitals which need to be investigated for their presence, i can tell them how they look like but dont have names for them. I used to and sometimes still feel that as if i am being seen in my own house. I am just an ordinary doctor, not an actress or celeberity that someone would take so much interest in other person,s life. As far as i remeber i have not really caused a harm to someone to do that to me. I had a divorce when i was medical student , marriage happened in 1992 after the death of my secon parent, my mother and it ended in 1995, when he was seeing someone behind my back so that she could import him to norway. He was a very bad man, a dishonest and disgraceful person. Who when came to our house was poor and when left was well off, earning from my fathers hospital. We used to be well off when my parents were alive, not anymore. But that chapter got closed. I never remembered him, my sister and brother in law were going to zambia for work, i went with them and started my life again, we all are doctors. I settled in the UK in 2002, through job in the NHS as a doctor in Obstetrics and gynaecology. As far as i remember i have done all the reposibilities a citizen should do. I am british citizen since 2010. I also have pakistan nationality. My sister and her husband are settled now in Australia. I got engaged to someone else in 2008 jan and that ended in april 2008 because after engagement guy needed me to feed him and his family both. It was not possible under my salary so i refused and he broke the engagement, i have only seen him once driving behind my car in the area of cambuslang but it might be co-incidence. I had changed my locks many time but still i used to feel someone enters in the house, my laptop was hacked and it almost would let me do anything on it, mainly hospital work, i gave it to one of my little cousins in the Pakistan, bought another one, set it up. I went to work and when i came back, all the passwords were broken and that day and today, i just simply could nt get rid of them, It was 2010, the series of events started in 2009, my house window was bashed, police came, no one arrested, my cars viper just broke, could be co-incidence, on the motorway, one of my bathroom water leaked and spoiled the flooring, cars headlights were not working when viper repaired, had an accident at the motorway in 2010 when it snowed, not my fault, car skidded, another car bough in england, someone hits it while i was trying to turn but she was blind as she pulled it out right from the back of my car where i was parked and achieved the speed that she didnt stop
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Have you reported anything to the Police?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
all my fault. I sold the note as i went to work in colchester with alot of maniacs in constable wing, if i was very brave and resourceful women, i would investiagte the wishaw general hospital 2011, 2013, colchester general hospital, greatwestern hospital swindon and harrogate to find out are those people really doctors. My house was again vendalised in 2013 or start of 2014 and i rang the police, i was told why i was ringing them, ring 111 , and the people who were talking their voices were like two of the consultants i worked in london, but these people are god at producing voices, one of my consultant in swindon if one does not look at him, one would feel, that dr bhotash jani who is husband of a friend of mine is talking. . so my phone is hacked. I took the photos of the number plate of that car, that man and his short colleague so that i can take it to the police, they were deleted on their own, When they left after breaking my gutters, than police came and the two women who were present in that police car, they were the same stupid people who have been troubling me, they refused to write the report.. I was troubled at the airports, at the motorway, at work places, at my family homes, and no one helped, infact everyone happlily participated. if possible i would have investiagted the staff at wishaw general and at queen mothers wha people say there, there were no outsiders. I hate them. I will always hate them. I have not taken any debt which i have to pay, i am living on the little money which i have after the sale of my property in the UK and i sold something here in Pakistan which my mother gave me. I am living in our ancestral house in Pakistan, it was empty and probably will keep on living here, and hope one day these people will find another pray and leave me alone. I was troubled alot at the 2 GP surgeries, 6 ardoch grove and 18 north park evenue, that women GP would not refer me to NHS hospital for some problems. I am vaccinated for TB as a child but i dont have or a very small mark. When i went to the UK, i told the occupational health and she saw it, it was clinical obsership in birmingham, all other test for hep, b, c, hiv are negative and still negative, i have been tested many times since 2002. I have immunity for hep B. I am asthmatic and it is controlled on inhaler but as a child i used to have alot of attacks, needing,oxygen, drip medication and so on. In great western, they said in 2012, because i stayed in pakistan more than 2 moths i have to be investigated for TB, that women would not accept that i had not stayed in pakistan in 2011 for 2 months instead i had come back in a months time. Any way she did gold quantiferon test which was positive for latent TB which means you dont have TB but you are exposed to and you can get it at some stage in my life. I saw the occupational health doctor, X-Ray was done and it was normal, i was fine, so i was allowed to work and advised to see the respiratory physcian, the appointment of which was given in september and my job ended there in july, they would not change the appointment, so i came back to glasgow and asked this useless GP to refer me to the respiratory physcian as i was applying for jobs. She would not, i saw someone in private hospital glasgow, rosshall and they said i dont need any treatment. I started another job but occupational health there kept on moaning they would treat but than would nt refer to respiratory. Again when i came back to the glasgow in 2013, i had a fight with that GP, because she would not refer for this and a GIT problem, i changed the GP surgery, 18 north park avenue and maniacs there exactly were the same but eventually one of them agreed to refer me when i showed her the public health guidlines that if i work in the NHS and i am asthmatic, i should get prophylaxis, and finally i got the 3 months tripple ATT prohylaxis for latent TB, i did enquire from another hospital about the vaccination at my age i am 46 years old, they said at adult age UK does not offer the TB vaccination, i only wanted to get the mark on my arm, so that all these useless people should feel good that they have seen it instead of trusting me. I sold my house in glasgow, it gave me little profit after my mortgage got cleared. i had asked a lawyer in the scotland and i was advised i dont need to pay any tax on that. But i read something on your websit, can you advise on it. I have informed HM revnue about the sale of my house and send P85 also. At that time the address given was one of my aunts here in mianwali pakistan as i stayed with them for few months, i never heard from HMREV. I did write the lawyer who was involved in the sale of my house, they have not replied yet. But what do you say. I am not due anything else to anyone and if i supposed to pay something, will pay
You can take your 18 pounds, just direct me who to contact for the internet and phone hacking. I dont know i will be able to reach them or not but i can know at least.
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Ok - so you dont know who it is? Yes or no please.
Did you report it to the Police? Yes or no please. Thanks!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
in good times, good friends, good family, but in bad times, all leave, my friends stopped avoiding my calls for help, all i needed was them to contact police for me, they instead stopped replying my calls. or i dont know call dont reach them. I have never married again and i took the decision after 2008 that i dont want any man in my life and i am fine to be alone, to be living myself. My parents dies 27 years and 24 years now, life was not easy, each and every exam, i worked, i saved, i have passed my exams, Only God,s help, knowingly have not done any wrong to anyone but has been troubled by many people since 2008 and very aggressively since 2010. God will not forgive them, i know it. They have destroyed the handwork of my life, someone else will destroy them.
I can not talk on the phone, first expensive from pakistan, secondly alot of mix up, that is what i am asking you who to contact to monitor my phone when i am in the Uk if i go back, who to monitor my laptop or make my emails safe., who to ask investigate and arrest these family of maniacs, the characterless man and women who interfere in others life, who to contact to chase them away from my life.I hope you can write me two lines now, if you have an answer. and you are a fair person. i will never go to scotland, bad neighbourhood, who would not do anything despite seeing that some one is being troubled , probably they were part of this national effort. alot of fake mail. for example, a letter comes through saying one of my consultant Dina Mclellan has complained that i made an excuse and took 1 week off on the name of stress from wishaw general hospital, and i had gone to Pakistan to attent a wedding. Yes i had taken a week off from my GP, first time in the 8 years of service i provided to NHS because of the reasons above but i was at my home, my training was ending in O & G and with all above nonsense, i was stressed, so i did take 5 days off and than went back. but i never went to pakistan, even if i would have gone, how would she know that i have a wedding in Pakistan in my family, my cousin got married. I never would go to pakistan for 5 days and i hate attending wedding functions as a whole and in may pakistan is burning of heat.Police did not respond when that idiot with his family was breaking my gutters, how do i contact them, my phone is hacked.I asked you a question to tell me who to contact to monitor my phone and laptop and internet, do you have answer or not, reply. If you are a liar and dont know the answe, no further discussion.
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 1 year ago.
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