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My 15 year old sold was looking at a pair of binoculars at a

Customer Question

hello, my 15 year old sold was looking at a pair of binoculars at a viewing in our local auction house, he placed them back onto the shelve and the shelve collapsed(we have it on video) crockery that was also on the shelve goes flying which my son attempts to catch, he did catch 2 pieces but a denby teacup falls on the fall, the auctionee wants me to pay for the damaged teacup, refuses to watch their own cctv to see that my son was not at fault, it was their shelve, and has become very aggresive. i would be more than willing to pay for the damge if i thought it was my sons fault? in fact went in today to as i promised i would giving the auction house time to view the cctv, i was met with aggresion and rudeness, my question is, how can my soon be responsible when they havnt even seen what happened or are willing to listen to me? my son was scratched by the shelve as he tried to save it and alot more crockery would have hit the floor had he not caught the shelve? where do i stand?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

are the police involved?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no, this happened yesterday and i was approached on as i was leaving the veiwing, and was asked to pay for the broken piece, to which i was quite shocked as i do not believe a shelve collapsing is my sons fault, the gentleman was quite rude so to avoid confrontaion infront of my son i informed him i would be back tommorow after he had chance to view the cctcv and could see what actually happened, i went in this morning and was met by the angry, rude man, who hasnt watched the cctv as he is too busy and that i will pay?
i left without paying but im angry as of course if i felt my son was responsible for the damage i would pay for it