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I brought 2 small watches from Atlas editions from a

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I brought 2 small watches from Atlas editions from a magazine full page advert.The problem in now for 3 separate occasions they have sent me more.I have talked to Thompsons solicitors on the phone and they gave me advice.To send each one back by special delivery.This has cost me £7.20 each time.I have told them in the packages that I donot want more sent to me.It is impossible to talk to them on a phone.I know I will get another sent.It is now getting ridiculous.I have thought of sending their merchandise back by just signed for.But like this I know they will say they have received them when they have.I am now in a spiral situation and need help.I believe they are playing a sick game.I have never encountered anything like this before in 61 years in my life.Can you send me strong advice please of how to halt this.Can I send them back by just signed for post which would be cheaper.How do I stand by law.I have not subscribed to a club or anything.This is really weird as it costs them £4.60 to send them to me and I just send them back.Please can you advise me.
Yours faithfully Mr B Norris

Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and I will be assisting you with your question today.

Have they contacted you to ask for these items back?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Thanks I will call shortly, just dealing with another customer I was already helping, thanks

I tried calling but only get through to an automated reply system telling me to hang up?

As I was not able to get in contact with you I will reply on here instead. You do not have to keep sending the items back. Whilst these will not be unsolicited goods, you still have no obligation to send them back and certainly not pay anything in the process of doing so.

Your actions from now on should be as follows:

1. Contact the company and request that they arrange collection of the goods, either physically coming round to do so or sending a courier or pre-paid shipping labels. Tell them that you are giving them 14 days in which they can contact you and arrange collection or you will dispose of the goods. Keep copies of any correspondence sent and ideally send by recorded delivery.

2. If they fail to get in touch with you then you are no longer obliged to keep the items and can dispose of them. You may wish to keep them for longer just in case but that is entirely up to you.

As to ensuring they no longer send any items, sadly you cannot prevent that – no one can physically force them to do so. Hopefully with time they will realise their error. In the meantime there is nothing stopping you from sending further correspondence to advise them of that.