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In December 2016 I was called by the police for an interview

Customer Question

Hello in December 2016 I was called by the police for an interview under caution for alleged fraudulent transactions on my bank account. I went with a lawyer of course. When I got there I was told that a woman had been scammed of £80,000 and of that £5000 went through my accounts in early 2015. I remembered and told them that at the time it was a friend of mine saying he wanted to receive school fees from his Aunty in the Uk. I told them I had my suspicions and asked him why he didn't pay to the school directly he said that he had issues and the money would have been hard to reference. However I divided the money. Moved half into my other account and withdrew the two halves from both my accounts and handed it to him. They asked me about my income my occupations etc and I left the interview. My lawyer told me they had nothing on me and that I shouldn't worry. Fast forward to this year April 2017. I got a call from the same police officer that called me for the interview. He said after talking to their solicitors (CPS) based on the evidence they have against me I have been charged with money laundering and that I have an initial hearing the plea hearing in may at the magistrates court. He said a letter would be sent to my address and a text message as well. I received a blank text and I am still waiting for the letter. I cried on the phone and told him that I am just 20. At the the time of crime I had just turned 18. How could I have known it was money laundering. He said and I quote "I failed to raise my suspicions and from the way I'm sounding I intend to plead not guilty. If that is the case a trial would be set at a later date at another court". The call ended. I was so afraid at the moment I was even contemplating leaving the country. But I'm just 20 where would I go. I have spoken to various lawyers who's fees are quite high I intend to apply for legal aid also try to get the court date postponed as I have exams that month at university. I black by race and of a Nigerian background. I know people will say these things don't matter but they do in court. The friend that I helped picked the money has since left the country as he was on a student visa. I do have his ID and school details as we schooled in the same university. I want to know what my chances are ? If I plead guilty to money laundering what is my sentence in regards ***** ***** £5000. If I get a lawyer can he get all the evidence they have against me before the magistrates plea hearing ? Please help me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

So, in short, you received £5k in your account?