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Can a public collectibles auction company ban a bidder from

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Can a public collectibles auction company ban a bidder from bidding based on unproven assumptions the auction house has about the bidder?

Hello and thank you for your question. I would be happy to assist.

Every auction house has their own terms and conditions by which they must operate. These are usually available on their website. The terms and conditions of the auction house almost certainly contain a provision which gives them absolute discretion as to whether or not they accept particular bids. Assuming that this is the case, they may therefore refuse any party the opportunity to bid on one or more items. There is no obligation for them to justify that decision, or for it to be reasonable. Just as any shop has discretion to refuse to serve a particular customer if they wish, the power to make such a decision unfortunately lies with the auction house.

I understand that you have tried to clear up the misconceptions that you believe have led the auction house to refuse to accept bids from you but have not been successful. I would suggest that continuing to try to resolve the misunderstanding in this way is your only option at this stage, perhaps by seeking to discuss the matter with the manager of the auction house directly. Be aware, however, that unfortunately the auction house cannot be compelled to review their decision or listen to your point of view on the matter - Their decision is final.

I hope that this assists and am sorry that it is not more positive news. If it concludes your query, please confirm by pressing the green button below to accept and rate this response.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've scanned the various UK Consumer Rights Acts and many other laws and directives. Public auction houses are fairly free of government oversight including not having to inform online bidders of item flaws, for which there is no recourse once received by the buyer. However, I found a section, which I failed to bookmark, that I believe specifically stated that auction companies, if holding simultaneous live as well as online auctions, could not bar any online bidder as long as the bidder registers a valid credit card with the online host.

As above, I would suggest you obtain and review the particular auctioneer's terms and conditions. I expect these to contain a provision entitling them to refuse to accept any bid at their discretion.

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