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Michael Holly
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I have been a registered care home manager fir the same

Customer Question

Hi there
I have been a registered care home manager fir the same charity for 20 years
I had a ruptured brain hammorage 18 months ago I did return to work but I had another brain op and some heart complications I am awaiting a 3 op and have been off dick
My company have taken on a temporary manager and they have now sent me a letter asking if I feel I will be able to return to work in 15th September as they would need to extend the temp managers contract
I am in limbo as I have to return to the heart consultant in July and am still waiting on neurosurgeon to be in touch
I would like to return to work on a temporary basis while I wait fir my app but would not like to upset the temp manager
Can u advise a response to my employers letter
Thank you
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 10 months ago.

To put it bluntly, tell it like it is.

You are not in a position to confirm your full time return and whilst you would like to make a start back you know you are not fit enough to resume full time duties and do not wish to upset the temporary manager. You might also be advised medically not to return so soon.

You employers clearly have to renew the temporary manager's contract.

Put all of this to your employers. It shows a willingness to work but you need to bear in mind they have a duty of care to you and if they have any sense will want you to get the all clear medically before returning. My feeling is that they should and will refuse your offer unless you get medical clearance, however well intentioned it is.

I hope this assists. If there are any further points kindly reply I will be happy to respond.

Kindly rate my answer before leaving the site so I get credit for my time.

Best wishes