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Another Owner in a converted house is undertaking repairs

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Another Owner in a converted house is undertaking repairs and plans to disconnect me and another flat from the sewer system. That have not asked for permission to do this and are not giving any assurances about the disruption. Their attitude is that we can simply not use the parts of the flats connected to this waste pipe. However for both dwellings its the toilets and bathrooms affected. There is a vague mention that the will see if they can put in a temporary pipe but thats all. Both the flats affected have tenants and this will create problems as the work is likely to go on for a couple of week. What are my options for dealing with this?
I have considered contacting the Enviromental Health Team at the council and The water company but as this affect the waste from the house to the sewer connection its not technically their responsibility.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

On what basis do they think you are not entitled to use the sewer?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The pipe connecting mine and the other flat runs down the outside wall adjacent to their flat. They are planning to disconnect this and block it off whilst they have work done. They haven't actually asked either of the owners going to be affected by this, they just sent out an email informing us that they were going ahead with the work. They seem to think that our tenants will somehow not need to shower of use the toilets for the duration.. which they have given no indication of either. There is a brief comment that they will see if they can maybe put a temporary pipe in place. But thats about the sum of it.

I will call shortly.