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I have had a letter to attend an interview under caution for

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I have had a letter to attend an interview under caution for an allegation that I failed to declare employment. I have been getting carers allowence since January 2017 for looking after my nan. I was working full time (36 hours a week) which I put on the application form and I was looking after her after work and during the night and also taking days off of work to take her to hospital appointments. I would also have every Tuesday off work to take her to treatment. I put in for carers allowence at her request and she did not want me looking after her for free and she would feel happier if I was getting something. I did not know I was doing anything wrong and this letter was very unexpected. I am very worried. Please could you give me some advise?
Thank you

You say in your narrative that you did declare your employment. If that is the case then why are they alleging that you did not?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I am positive I did put I was employed on the application I wouldn't have just left that section out. I have no idea why they are saying I failed to tell them

You will have to ask them so see the form. If you are sure you did tell them then you have nothing to worry about and as you say, it would be very unlikely that you missed that section in the form. Assuming that to be the case I would not worry about this.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
say that I have happened to miss that part, what would happen then?
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Is it possible they could have got me and my twin brother mixed up? We both come from the same address, his initials are LJD and mine is ELD. He is also a carer and has put in for carers allowence for my grandad (the other side of the family) he does not work so he would not have filled out that section. He had not been accepted for carers allowence yet.

it’s possible they have mixed you up. However if you have made a mistake and missed that part of the form, you can argue that it is easy to do as you are really applying for money in respect of someone else and not you so you didn’t think that your means were taken into account. You really do have to see what they have and what they are saying, however. It is quite easy to get confused about careers allowance as it is not in fact means tested although there is a cap on what you can earn which I think is about £116 per week at the moment. So there may be some way to explain the situation taking into account that. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating sonthatvI am credited for my time.

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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thank you so much this has made me feel a bit better about the situation.
Thanks for all your help