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Mother is having problems with her teenage son and sons

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Mother is having problems with her teenage son and sons father refuses to house him with his new wife. Can he do this by law

My grandson lives with his mother after his father left them 10 years ago. My grandson at 15 is causing trouble at school and wants to change schools. He has left home several times and now my daughter is at her wits end.
The boys father refuses to have his son to live with him for a short time in order to give my daughter a break. Can he do this?


Welcome to Just Answer

I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that your granddaughter is experiencing with her son.

I understand that your daughter has asked your grandsons father for assistance by way of housing him for a period of time to allow your daughter to have a break but the father will not do this.

I am sorry to say that the father simply cannot eb forced to care for his son. It is a shame that he does not want to assist your daughter and his son but there is no court order that can be made that would make the father care for his son if he did not want too.

In reality the courts do make orders known as Child Arrangements Order that set our with whom a child should live with and with whom a child should spend time with. The court can impose sanctions if these orders are not complied with but this in the situation when one parent denies the other parent time with the child. The sanctions do not work in reverse - that being the situation where your daughter currently finds herself when she is asking the father to help and he will not.

I know that this isnt what you want to hear but I have to be truthful.

Your daughter should give consideration to family mediation. Perhaps this might help her reach an agreement with the father. There are lots of family mediation services and there will be one local to her. If she just googles family mediation in her area and then she can give them a call to self refer. They will invite the father for a session and see if any agreement can be reached.

kind regards


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