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My son pleaded guilty to pulling his Son(9yrs old) hair and

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My son pleaded guilty to pulling his Son(9yrs old) hair and smacking his backside when my grandchild had been kicking out and hiting his 7yrs old sister My son does not live with the mother "But" saw his children daily usually twice a day. He has been adviced by Social Services not to contact his son whilst investagion was in process which he has done, there are other problems with his ex partners 24 & 18yrs old sons who have been violent and domanent to their mother and my granchildren. I live 200miles away from all my chilren & grandchildren but very close not in distence. when i went to visit last wkend i tried to see my granchild as normal and take them out all together for a meal But after a few phone calls their mother said that i couldnt see them. I pointed out my son would'nt be there just grandchildren, my ex wife (their grandmother & myself). we know that her elder 2 boys/men have been very manipulative with their mother & my grandchildren Social Servives have been told this by a number of people but it feels that NO notce has been taken, "BUT" they are in thire clutches. What are my legal rights & also my sons because he misses them and they miss him.


Welcome to Just Answer

I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

I am sorry to hear about the current difficulties.

Please may I ask:

- when was the incident? was your son charged/ found guilty to an offence?

- who reported the incident to social services?

- what is the normal routine for you seeing your grandchildren?

- has your son been having contact with his daughter? has this been supervised?

- what is the current level of involvement with social services? child in need? child protection plan?

- please give me some more detail in respect of the elder childrens behaviour towards their mother and your grandchildren? what was the last incident you were aware of?

kind regards


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It was nice to speak with you.

Just to follow up:

- in relation to yourself and other family members - if the mother continues to deny you a relationship with the children then it is important that you consider applying for a child arrangements order. Whilst social services may have no concerns in relation to any of you then cannot force the mother to let the children spend time with you.

First step - mediation. If that doesnt reach agreement then the mediator will sign the form that you need for court. You need to complete Forms C100 and C2.

Hopefully this weekend might be a one off but a rather suspect that mother is 'putting up barriers' because of the concerns you have all raised to social services about the older sibilings. If this is the case then its unlikley social services will help you and so mediation and court is the way forward.

In relation to your son - he needs to keep continuing to engage with social services and to be remorseful in respect of the incident. Its positive what the criminal Judge said about there beign no reason why there should be no contact or unsupervised contact but social services are not bound by this.

Your son needs to find out what happened 3 weeks ago. Why after the children living with him did they then say that he could not spend time with them. What are they doing about the concerns he has aboout the older siblings. If he doesnt get anywhere then he also needs to apply for a child arrangements order so that the court can consider his risk and the risk of the elder siblings and where the children should live and with whom they shoould spend time.

Let me know if I can assist you further - follow ups in this thread are free.

kindest regards