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I represent Farrow and Pole ltd which has been contracted by

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My name is***** represent Farrow and Pole ltd which has been contracted by Karis Developments and its Architects Anita Sen Architects to do full refurb work at Flat 71, River Court, Upper Ground, SE1 9PE.Anita Sen Architects Subcontracted Fraser Water Services to do some plumbing work. They caused water damage to the whole flat, i.e. hot water pipe was cut when the water in a whole building wasn't shut properly. It caused damage to the concrete floor slab and its moisture levels.My architects advised me to call my loss adjustor and proceed with claim on my contact works insurance.My loss adjustor just sent an email that this has nothing to do with my insurance and all claim should be forwarded to Fraser Water Services.I have received an email from my Architects who are saying that, I have no direct claim on Fraser Water Services for any damage because the order for they work was not placed by Farrow and Pole and there was a strong possibility that I could make a claim on my Contract Works Insurance because it was the contract works which was damaged, and my insurer would make a counter claim against Fraser Waters Services insurance.The architect are saying that they don't understand why i haven't done this. In this case Karis developments which contracted me and architects need to claim from Fraser Water Services instead- not through his insurance but making a direct claim for damages and my company costs will then be covered through the contract.on 17th October, the Architects wrote to Fraser services- "the claim is now in the hands of Piotr and his insurers who are assisting him with the claim- which we assumed was resting with your insurance company. So all communications should really be with him, copied to us. However if you have and alternative proposal to put forward which doesn't involve your insurance company then really need to know as a mattter of urgency so between us we can get it all resolved as soon as possible"I have talked to Allied Insurance and they have told me that I have a claim against Fraser water Insurance or alternatively against Anita sen architects. ( this explains why there were telling me all this month when drying programme was taking time to keep working as I need to be seen by Fraser waters working and pushing the contract in whichever way.Please advice

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

How much are you seeking to claim please?

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Business loss and future loss contract, initial cost of work prior to water damage etc. all for last 6 weeks comes at present to £55 197.75.
However, we already know there is a drying programme for another 2 weeks and then engineered hawoods floor boards need to be ordered and aclamitise for another 2 weeks.

I will call shortly.