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The quick story goes, my son was attacked by three boys, to

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Hello thereThe quick story goes, my son was attacked by three boys, to be specific three chased him one hit him and knocked him out. At that point my sons friends turned up managed to stop them and drove my son unconscious to his home. No lasting harm done. My son is 14 the aggressor is 15.I don't live with my son he lives 40 minutes away with his mum and I was not told at the time. All his friends gave the police a statement at the time but my son didn't as he didn't want anymore trouble.The aggressor continued to taunt my son to say he was going to attack him again, break his legs, etc, etc. I have very politely visited the home of the boy and spoken with his mum asking her to put a stop to it. The boys response was to call my son from a caller with held number to abuse him. I rang the police and asked them to visit the home again and talk to the parents who had no idea any of this had gone on. This boy now is passing messages through his friends to tell my son he is going to get him.It is quite hard getting anywhere with the police but I think it is time to get my son to make his statement and prosecute this boy. I think he maybe needs something to think about. I am struggling to get through to the police and find out how I get hold of all the relevant case notes and statements and start a formal prosecution which I suspect will probably put an end to it. The bot does come from a nice home with nice parents which I am guessing think it is all over. I'd like to focus their minds a little I think.I wonder if you could give me some advise and I guess we see where to go from there?Thank you and Kind regardsSohrab Jahromi
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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
To be honest I just want it to stop so both boys can get on, the aggressor is not happy with my son as he is friends with an ex girlfriend of his. He blames my son for the breakup although he has been friends with the girl for years. They have gone all the way through school together. Its teenage testosterone I think.I don't really want to damage a young boys future by getting a conviction against him. That said if it is the only way to make it stop then so be it. I hope the threat of prosecution may be enough to bring things to a head and a close. Again that said if prosecution is what it takes I am willing to do it although I can't find out at the moment if the case is still open or it would have to be civil.