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I am a 43 year old partially sighted male with a history of

Customer Question

I am a 43 year old partially sighted male with a long history of mental health issues and have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety as well as post traumatic stress disorder. This following a serious car accident in which i suffered multiple injuries and was left with severe facial scarring and limited vision. During the last two years or so those issues have come to the fore as i have lost my dad and best friend to terminal illness, my wife in a bitter and expensive divorce and i had to undergo sight saving cateract surgery last year which thankfully proved a success. All of this has left me in a mess mentally and struggling with life and day to day living. During this traumatic period i put in a claim for employment and support allowance and failed to tell them of savings i had and it has caught up with me. I wasnt in a good place then when i filled in those forms and im not now with the worry of possible prison hanging over me. I am not cut out for that and would rather die than go inside. Could someone please advise me on what steps i should take to avoid this. I havent recieved a letter from the job centre calling me in for an interview yet but i know its imminent. Please help.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 months ago.

Hi - please explain what you mean by caught up with you? how much in savings do you have and what are they saying?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I am not comfortable with this service as i would prefer to speak to someone about it face to face if thats ok. I would feel more secure that way . Please refund my money if that is possible. Many thanks
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No call thanks. Just prefer to arrange to see someone face to face in private. Refund if possible please
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 months ago.

Ok. All the best.