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I have a question regarding whether or not an individual is

Customer Question

I have a question regarding whether or not an individual is eligible to attend an employment function (involving a plane journey.) I am flying to Portugal next week with a party of company employees. A member of staff who believes she should be on the trip is threatening to turn up at the airport and get on the plane.she was unfortunately issued with the boarding pass before anyone realised she was not eligible under our policy (staff on maternity leave did not qualify for attendance at the function, and this policy was the same for everyone. What rights do we have to stop her getting on the plane ? She has not paid for her own ticket, this was done centrally and the boarding cards issued to the individuals ?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 4 months ago.

The fact that a boarding pass was issued in error has been explained to the employee along with the policy.

You should warn her that if she persists in this matter it will be regarded as a disciplinary matter as she now behaving unreasonably.

Advise her that should she turn up at the airport it will be regarded as gross misconduct and she will be dismissed on the spot.

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