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Unfortunately after many years of trying to solve the

Customer Question

Unfortunately after many years of trying to solve the problems in my marriage - together 30 years, married 24 years - I am having to seriously consider divorcing my husband. My husband has two grown up sons from fist marriage, ages 41 and 43; I have no children of my own and we have no joint children.We have jointly owned properties with no mortgages - a flat in London which is our official address and office and a secondary home in France where we live most of the time and that we both regard as home.We have two limited companies and are both directors of both. We have always both earned money and can both manage on our separate incomes although we currently do share all joint expenses.We both have separate savings, I have more than my husband as he has given money to his oldest son to buy a house for his young family in Sweden and bought a legal share of a friend's property to support him as he was getting divorced a few years ago..My husband is 67 years old, still working and drawing a small state pension every month; I'm 59 years old, Danish citizen but have lived and worked in the UK for more than 35 years.My questions:1:Will my private savings have to be shared with my husband if we divorce?2: It is possible to divide our property in France into two properties, allowing us both to live independently in the place where we both feel at home. However, the tensions between us are no longer bearable for me and I am considering renting a small place in France till we have settled into our new situation as divorced. I do not feel that my home is in the UK and would not want to live there:
If I leave my French home before divorcing, do I risk loosing my right to come back?3: I will not be asking for any financial support from my husband after a divorce, but simply just want to have what is lawfully mine and enable us both to be comfortable and get on in our new lives.
Considering that his UK born children who will inherit after their father's death, would like to keep the investment in the property in London, I am open to accept being bought out of our UK home at far less than half the value of the property, which is currently between £550.000 and £600.000.This has however doubled as our joint offices for the last 20 years where we both run our private practices as self-employed therapists and I would need to consider the impact on my financial situation if I re-locate.I would accept a one off payment of between £100.000 and £150.000 if that meant I could stay in and have full ownership of one part of our French home - my husband would then retain rights and full ownership of the other part plus full ownership of the London property.Do you think this would be acceptable for a court if it came to that?Thank you for your support,Helena4: I would like for us to share 50/50 the earnings from the two Limited Companies and allow each of us to continue running one each separately following a divorce.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first

In which country are you considering issuing divorce proceedings?