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My legal problem is very complex but I will do my best to

Customer Question

My legal problem is very complex but I will do my best to not confuse you. In 2013 I was evicted from my house by police and bailiffs. I recorded the eviction backed up on my phone. During the 'Ev' I was assaulted and met officer was injured. I was arrested, charged, convicted having had legal representation. The CPS had I am told an obligation to present all prima facie evidence which they did not. I demanded that my phone be released prior to trial, but my representation made no application and I was subsequently convicted. I appealed by way of case stated but my solicitors made huge mistakes allowing for my case to have no possibility of appeal. I got advice on this and new representation who made application under s135 magistrates court act to have the matter returned to court on new evidence. It was refused by a circuit judge. I am now awaiting the CCRC decision for a decision which is imminent. The evidence I shall discuss briefly because until recently It was discovered I was assaulted by a bailiff using a weapon. This was overlooked being on a two second frame. Ev was unlawfull according to the law and what I have studied. The issue I have is that everyone from the Met, magistrates, CPS, IPCC, have done everything to obstruct justice. The CCRC I am not confident but I will reserve judgement. I am disabled by this incident which has affected me physically and psychologically, but what justice is there when the whole system is against you? What are my legal rights in a civil action and criminal prosecutions against the Met and Bailiffs?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 months ago.
in shot you’ve been convicted and failed on appeal. What action are you hopin to take?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I essentially want whatever I am entitled nothing more. I truly would like justice by that I mean the officers that lied on oath to face disciplinary and criminal charges, the IPCC exposed and brought before a parliamentary committee, the CPS before parliamentary committee, etc... When all said and done there is compensation for everything I have been put through and the physical and psychological injury being awarded for what is now a permanent disability. My name, reputation, and credibility stand for nothing which I want restored and some. I don't want much really, just what I am entitled. Not a penny more. Understand that some things are far more important than money, which have been taken from me forever. But if there is any justice to be had then I need it, deserve it, and would fight for the common man. At present I see no future and have lost all hope. The images attached are of the bailiff assaulting me while being arrested by the Met. Standard issue of a bailiff I think not. The entire video is too large a file to have downloaded.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 months ago.

I'm afraid you are being unrealistic.

You have been convicted and the appeal has been refused.

You might well get that overturned at the CCTC.

That does not give you a claim against any person.

The image below shows part of a face. It does not show an assault.

I am sorry and I know this isn't what you want but you can either have the good advice you don't want or the bad advice that you do.

Can I clarify anything for you?