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I have purchased a used car with a private number plate, the

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I have purchased a used car with a private number plate, the dealer has released the number plate back the deal after I have bought the car (Without me knowing) and I have had to pay additional costs for tax and insurance to move to a different plate. Is the dealer liable for Reimbursing me with these costs? The receipt for the purchase states the private Plate.

Do you mean that the contract included the plate but the dealer has reneged on this?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
it had a private plate, which is the license plate stated on the sale documents which I paid the road tax and insurance for. When I have received the v5c it stated the original license plate from manufacture and I have now had to pay road tax again, pay an admin fee to my insurance company, get plates refitted etc. The dealer doesn’t want to even engage in a dialogue with me.

The dealer would appear to be in breach of contract and you could claim these costs. You could also claim the value of the plate as well if indeed it had any value additional to that of the vehicle.

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