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Having received a telephone call on Friday 17th November

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Having received a telephone call on Friday 17th November from a US Lottery organisation telling me that I have won a substantial sum of money and that I should contact Lynch Associates in London to arrange for payment, my first reaction was that this must be a scam. However I did contact Lynch Associates and spoke at length with a Mr Rohad Swallow who sounded very plausible. He gave me bank details to which I should pay £1500 before he could arrange payment. Sadly and stupidly I gave him the details of the account into which I would be pleased to receive the winnings. Fortunately the account number that I gave does not have a large sum of money in it because, having given myself time to explore the matter a bit I have come to the conclusion that this is a fraud / scam but I have seen your page 'Just Law' so wondered if you are able to advise me. I have not transferred any money but also I do not want to accuse an organisation if they are operating legally.Sheila Addison

No, do not do this. It is a known scam. No reputable lottery organisation would ask you for funds of that magnitude. You have given him bank details. I would transfer any funds in that account elsewhere in case there is a hacking attempt. You are lucky that you thought twice about this. Many people I have dealt with have not been so lucky and have lost their money because once you send it you will hear nothing further, you will win nothing and you will be a lot poorer. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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